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LETTER: Talk of Democratic election ‘deniers’ is apples and oranges

In his Nov. 16 letter Howard Claeson places “Hillary Clinton and her followers — along with Stacey Abrams and other Democrats” in the same category as MAGA election deniers. There is no comparison.

At no time, with the exception of Al Gore, have Democrats questioned the integrity of the actual vote counts. What they did espouse is that there were dirty tricks. (Yes, there was Russian interference and, in the closing seconds of the election, FBI Director James Comey announced they may have found more Hillary emails.) Yes, many Democrats and some Republicans — if they were to be honest with themselves — decried the fact that, despite garnering almost 3 million more votes than Donald Trump, she lost due to an anachronism, born out of slavery, called the Electoral College.

Ms. Abrams didn’t question the actual count. Instead, she accused her opponent, the Georgia secretary of state who oversaw the election, and the man to whom she lost the race, of illegally removing thousands of her potential voters from the rolls.

At no time did any Democrat, including Mr. Gore, conspire to try to overthrow the results of the election by concocting outlandish conspiracy theories and then pressuring local election officials, state legislators and, through the use of violence, our own House of Representatives. Mr. Gore and Ms. Abrams took their cases to court and then conceded defeat. Hilary conceded the day after the election.

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