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LETTER: The ‘reality’ of the border

In his Monday letter “Reality TV,” Tim Cox seems to overlook a crucial element — a genuine sense of reality. President Joe Biden initiated a series of executive orders immediately after taking office, overturning Donald Trump’s immigration policies. Up until January 2024, the Biden administration has implemented more than 535 executive actions, dismantling barriers to illegal immigration. The Border Patrol has recorded more than 6.5 million encounters since Mr. Biden assumed office, and the actual number of undetected border crossings remains unknown.

The repercussions of these actions, coupled with support from Democrats in Congress, have been disastrous. Cities nationwide, even those under Democratic governance, are pleading for relief as their budgets strain to accommodate the influx of illegal immigrants transported from the southern border. The surge has resulted in stretched resources for housing, food and medical care. Crime and drug overdoses have surged, exacerbated by the lack of funds to hire additional law enforcement officers.

In an ironic twist, Mr. Cox attempts to attribute this crisis to Mr. Trump and Republicans. It appears Mr. Cox is banking on people not paying attention to the true architects of this catastrophe — President Biden and the Democrats. Come November, however, Mr. Cox may find himself confronted with a harsh reality check — not on TV, but at the ballot box.

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It is the bank’s full responsibility to fully vet people or businesses that are applying for loans. If bank officials are operating in a criminal, lazy or unethical way, they should be the ones on trial.

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