LETTERS: Blame solar companies for propping up false narrative

To all of the customers who purchased expensive rooftop solar systems under the false narrative of net metering, you are misdirecting your anger toward NV Energy, the Public Utilities Commission and Gov. Brian Sandoval. The people you should be angry with are at the fly-by-night companies such as SolarCity and Sunrun.

Those companies made off with all the money, while maxing out the net metering user cap and taking advantage of the subsidies. They are the ones who skipped town before the other shoe dropped. They are the ones who left you a message: “So long suckers!”

Tim Anders

Las Vegas

Lower energy bills

Now that NV Energy and the Public Utilities Commission have dialed down solar energy subsidies, when can I expect to see the Renewable Energy Program charge on my electric bill go down? And how about the other three fees on my bill that are related in one way or another to solar programs — Temp Green Power Financing, Energy Efficiency Charge and Universal Energy Charge? And how long does a “temporary” charge for green power last, anyway?

These four fees are great ways for NV Energy to make its customers pay for all sorts of unknown programs. I look forward to seeing my lower electric bill as a result of the net metering rate changes from NV Energy and the PUC. Right?

Vivian Scott


Solar power delivery

Gary Musser’s letter extolled the virtues of rooftop solar and complained that NV Energy expects payment for distribution of his excess power (“Rooftop solar benefits,” Jan. 15 Review-Journal). The mainstays of his argument are statements such as, “Excess rooftop solar energy is given (“delivered” or “sold” is perhaps more appropriate) to NV Energy … and is sold at full price to a nearby neighbor, where very little distribution is required.” The notion that Mr. Musser’s excess energy is used only by nearby neighbors and not the entire power grid is a total misconception.

The energetic electrons generated by his solar panels don’t just flow from his house through a small part of the grid and into his neighbors’ houses, where the energy is then put to use. Rather, the energetic electrons never leave his property; they simply recirculate within his system, passing along the way through a box called an inverter, where they give up their energy to cause a change in the electromagnetic field of the power grid. This change in the electromagnetic field carries the energy Mr. Musser’s panels have produced to the farthest reaches of the grid.

Whether Mr. Musser likes it or not, every customer on the entire grid almost instantly is using minute shares of the energy his panels have produced. He is using the whole grid to dispose of his excess energy. If Mr. Musser wants only his nearby neighbors to share his solar energy, he needs to disconnect from the grid and run his own wires to his neighbors’ houses.

Stanley Cloud


MGM parking fee

It’s good to see MGM Resorts’ decision on parking at its properties (“MGM to charge for parking,” Jan. 16 Review-Journal). It’s just another reason for locals to stay away from the Strip and play at local taverns.

David Lyons

Las Vegas

Nevada lottery

Is this government by the people, for the people, or by the casino, for the casino? A Review-Journal article indicated a 2009 survey of voters showed 70 percent in favor of a state lottery (“Nevada gaming doesn’t want lottery competition,” Jan. 13). I bet it’s higher now. The article also stated that soon, 44 out of 50 states will have a lottery.

Why not leave this decision up to the voters? If we want a state lottery, we should have it. Who believes the casinos will lose money if the state institutes a lottery? Those who gamble will still gamble, along with buying lottery tickets.

Anyone who thinks having a lottery will divert money from casinos hasn’t been inside a Strip casino lately. Why are those casinos intimidated? Look at those lines. And if the casinos sold lottery tickets, too, then the lines would be there instead of in California or Arizona. Keep the money here in Nevada. Let us decide.

Jim Veltri

Las Vegas


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