LETTERS: Selfie stupidity justifies fine

The article in the July 26 Review-Journal about visitors who are taking “selfies” at Yellowstone National Park is further proof that you can’t fix stupid (“Bison attacks woman trying to take a selfie in Yellowstone Park”). When one goes to this majestic park, there are signs posted everywhere warning people to stay at least 30 yards away from the bison and other wild animals. Yet people, in their stupidity, choose to ignore the signs and get self-absorbed in taking a selfie using their cameras. Then, when they are injured, immediately the rangers and other park personnel have to rush to their aid. As cold as it may sound, these people should be fined. Maybe they would learn a lesson and heed the warnings that are posted.

Theresa Krause

Boulder City

Cherry-picking Bible

In response to Linda Caterine’s July 25 letter about “religious persecution” and being labeled a “fanatical extremist”: I feel bad that you feel you’re being persecuted. But you must understand why.

First, you live by the teachings of a 2,000-year-old book full of contradicting fictional stories, written by goat herders and read by sheep. Second, your book seems to lack any love for anyone and only wants to rule your thoughts by fear of hell and reward of heaven. Third, your book does not say to persecute gays, but to stone them to death. Unless you are ready to face a murder conviction, you should refrain from comment.

Marriage was not invented by God, as people were doing it long before Christianity. If you’ve actually read your book, you must also beware of other sins that will lead you to burn forever, like getting tattoos, eating shell fish and bacon, wearing blended fabrics, shaving, not being a virgin at your wedding, divorcing and many more. Most of those sins would have gotten you stoned to death in the good old Dark Ages. Are you ready to cast the first stone? When it comes to persecution, Christians win. How many millions were murdered because they didn’t believe in your fairy tales?

There’s no problem with you believing what you like, but when you try to push it into public schools and politics, that’s when it must be stopped. Yes, there are “laws of the land,” and we all must abide no matter what our faith is. Have you heard about the separation of church and state? It’s for a reason. If you feel like you’re labeled a “fanatical extremist,” be lucky there is not a law against that which could get you stoned to death. Actually read your Bible, don’t “cherry pick” lessons from it and you will see the light.

Henry Spalding

Las Vegas

Malkin incites violence

Michelle Malkin’s column on Planned Parenthood was an incitement to violence (“Paying price for abortion,” July 22 Review-Journal). I watched the videos regarding the availability and cost to provide fetal organs for medical research from Planned Parenthood clinics. I got over the ghoulish icky factor when the context was provided. Why didn’t Ms. Malkin?

Her inflammatory and disingenuous red meat was disgusting. She’ll keep the anti-abortion mouth-breathers in lather, and when there’s more clinic violence, that’s on her. Shame on you, Ms. Malkin.

Dale Quale

Las Vegas

Owning Obamacare

Gil Eisner, along with other Democrats, asks that Americans stop referring to the Affordable Care Act as Obamacare (“Obamacare? Americare,” July 25 Review-Journal letter to the editor). If this plan is so good, why aren’t liberals anxious to give credit to President Barack Obama by using his name to identify it? Is it that they are embarrassed because it turned out to be not the great plan that Rep. Nancy Pelosi rammed down our throats?

Jack Oliver

Las Vegas

Gun control

Apparently, Washington Post reporter Joel Achenbach didn’t find it relevant, or worthy of discussion, to analyze how many mass shooters were taking psychoactive drugs or had explored radical Islam (“Shooting rampages random, perplexing,” July 27 Review-Journal). Also absent in his article on gun control was the concept that armed citizens (or military) could have prevented many of these deaths. Then again, this is what I expect from The Washington Post.

Phyllis Anderson

Las Vegas

Touting Trump

I hope all legal and moral U.S. citizens, and especially all Hispanic U.S. citizens, stand up for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. He speaks loudly about what so many American citizens think but fear voicing. Illegal immigrants have harmed our country and put a great financial burden on all citizens.

Patricia A. Horne

Las Vegas

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