LETTERS: Seniors don’t have time for solar energy’s costs

Rooftop solar and seniors

After reading Bob Fulkerson’s letter (“Clean energy attainable,” Wednesday Review-Journal), I can only say that on a fixed income, I do not want to finance, take out a loan or dip into limited funds in order to pay for the initial cost of solar panels. With thousands of dollars involved, solar energy is cost-prohibitive for many of us.

Mr. Fulkerson stated that we seniors would be better off in the long run. We seniors don’t have a long run, and the run we do have is getting shorter every day. So unless Mr. Fulkerson has some kind of plan in mind to help us out, we’ll stick with fossil fuels, which have supplied our needs at a reasonable cost for many years.

Contrary to what anti-fossil fuel fanatics say, this country is not short on natural resources, so why not use them? Old furnaces and air conditioning units eat large amounts of energy and large amounts of cash. A year ago we made a major investment and installed a new air conditioning and heating unit. We have saved an average of more than $150 per month since then. It was expensive, but not as expensive as solar panels.

The Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada is akin to Greenpeace and other organizations that go off the deep end and expect everyone else to follow like lemmings. No thanks.

Jim Armbrust

Las Vegas

NV Energy behind times

As I read the Review-Journal, it is clear that NV Energy is no fan of individuals buying rooftop solar systems. NV Energy would receive excess power from an increasing number of sources, with no capital outlay, but instead considers a $1 billion dollar investment in a new power plant. This stolid 19th-century thinking does not bode well for NV Energy as a going concern.

Jim Jolly

Las Vegas

Metro and traffic calls

Bill Curnow’s letter questioned Sheriff Joe Lombardo’s placement of the additional manpower he will receive as a result of the recent passage of the More Cops tax ((“Metro’s priorities,” Sept. 16 Review-Journal). Mr. Curnow implies that using additional officers to handle traffic accidents is a waste of time, because there are higher priorities out there, such as pedestrian accidents, home invasions and bicycle accidents.

Unfortunately, traffic accidents are one area of policing that requires the presence of an officer for a multitude of reasons: to keep the peace during a time when stress and tempers are running high; to determine injuries and need for an ambulance; to clear the scene of an accident; to use patrol cars to control traffic; to issue citations when needed; to help curb people leaving the scene; to help facilitate the exchange of information and an array of other issues.

Traffic accidents are one of the main (and perhaps only) modes of interaction most people have with the police. It is important that the police are there when the public requires them. I think Mr. Lombardo is doing the right thing.

Ron Moers


Football schedule

I’m sure UNLV football coach Tony Sanchez doesn’t make the schedule, but if he did, he wouldn’t put Michigan or UCLA on it. I guess the almighty dollar takes precedence over a winning record.

UNLV isn’t the only school that schedules such highly rated opponents. I guess it’s difficult being a leader who’s looking for a winning record, but has to succumb to the priority of paying the bills. Good luck the rest of this season, Rebels.

Charles Berberian

Las Vegas

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