LETTERS: Supreme Court arguments falter

Michael O. Kreps (“Supreme Court nominee,” March 27 Review-Journal)) and Richard Wassmuth (“Supreme Court vacancy,” March 28) said almost exactly the same thing in their letters, justifying Republicans holding up President Barack Obama’s Supreme Court nominee. Essentially, their argument was that in the past, Joe Biden, Barack Obama and Chuck Schumer made statements as senators that they would take similar actions. But the difference between statements and actions seems to be lost in the arguments of Mr. Wassmuth and Mr. Kreps.

Sen. Lindsey Graham made no bones about what is being done: “We are setting a precedent here today … you’re not going to fill a vacancy of the Supreme Court based on what we’re doing here today. …We’re headed to changing the rules, probably in a permanent fashion.”

I am enjoying this spectacle. No meaningful legislation has been passed since Republicans took over the House in 2010. State republican legislators are tripping over themselves to enact restrictive legislation regarding the rights of multiple groups. Republicans say government doesn’t work, then manage to prove it when they get elected. The Republican presidential primary is a clown show that further demonstrates the fact that these people are incapable of governing in a modern society; they’re the laughingstock of the world.

Right-wing media created this mindless monster and is beginning to realize that sometimes the monster eats the people who feed it.

Rick Reynolds

Las Vegas

Obama’s Brussels response

Since the disaster in Brussels, President Barack Obama’s administration continues to demonstrate weakness through lack of leadership, as well as disrespect to an allied nation that has suffered through another cowardly terrorist attack on innocent people. Not only did the president barely acknowledge the event during a long-winded speech from Cuba, but it’s content failed to cover any relevant points.

President Obama was rightly criticized for lacking a serious response to the disaster. He tried to have his lap dog, Secretary of State John Kerry, cover for him with statements such as the president’s travel schedule not being dictated by terrorists. Are the president’s priorities instead governed by schmoozing with a communist dictator, Raul Castro, at a baseball game? Or by dancing, or paying homage to revolutionary and murderer Che Guevara, possibly a terrorist in his time?

What is even more disturbing is presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton, who has already reneged on her campaign promise that her term would not be an extension of the Obama presidency. She now praises President Obama’s “accomplishments” and claims she will expand on them.

That has all the earmarks of another Iran nuclear deal.

Robert Latchford


Expand representation

Every member of Congress, past and present, is guilty of insurgency for failing to adhere as closely as possible to the constitutional standard of one U. S. Representative for every 30,000 citizens. It’s too easy for elected officials to be egotistical and think the people generally don’t deserve to participate as much as possible in our government.

The Declaration of Independence skewered the king of England and Parliament for excessively large districts. The most proper way for government to get any kind of fair representation is to keep the House of Representatives as diversified as possible. We should now have more than 10,000 representatives, and in many cases, one per ZIP code.

John D’Aura


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