LETTERS: Tea Party upsets liberal monarchy

To the editor:

“Anarchists,” says Sen. Harry Reid about the Tea Party and its push to stop Obamacare. How dare these people try to inject themselves into the political process and attempt to disrupt our liberal monarchy in Washington, D.C. Don’t they know the Affordable Care Act is going to be great for America?

No, Sen. Reid, it won’t.

The exchanges show major increases in premiums. Plan options are severely limited because of major decreases in providers. Coverage, especially for seniors, as related by none other than Howard Dean, will be limited by the actions of the Independent Payment Advisory Board. We are now seeing the realities of this monstrosity, as opposed to the flowery rhetoric that conned millions into supporting this mess.

So I say thank you to the Tea Party for forcing this issue to the forefront. They are acting purely in the interests of the taxpayer, while Sen. Reid is acting — surprise, surprise — from a purely political point of view. Sen. Reid knows one simple fact: increase the number of people dependent on government, and it pays off at the ballot box for Democrats.

Joseph Schillmoeller

Las Vegas

Good for thee, not me

To the editor:

If Sen. Harry Reid is such a strong supporter of Obamacare, why hasn’t he given up his subsidy for health insurance? If it is good enough for the American public, it certainly should be good enough for the elected officials who ramrodded it into law without reading it.



What did Reid know?

To the editor:

So Harvey Whittemore is going to prison for his illegal campaign support to Sen. Harry Reid (Tuesday Review-Journal).

Could anyone think that Sen. Reid didn’t know about it? If Mr. Whittemore really thought Sen. Reid would never know about it, would he have done it? Of course not. You don’t get power and influence with anonymous donations.



The asking price

To the editor:

My former boss taught me that everything is for sale, and all that’s left is negotiating the price. In the case of ex-lobbyist Harvey Whittemore, who’s headed to prison for making illegal campaign contributions, we learned that Sen. Harry Reid’s price is “more than $133,000.”

In your Tuesday article about the Whittemore/Reid debacle, you reported that prosecutors wrote: “The laws were designed to provide a level playing field that gives the average citizens as much influence as the wealthy and politically connected.” I’d like to know how many “average citizens” could donate this amount to Sen. Reid’s campaign coffers. What isn’t being said is that you are buying a politician’s vote.

I’ve decided that the only difference between Harry Reid and a working girl at a brothel is that her prices are listed, and the clients choose what they pay for.



Kindergarten class size

To the editor:

In the past week, I have visited with two women who teach kindergarten in the Clark County School District. Both told me similar stories. They are the lone adult in charge of a room with 25 to 30 5-year-olds, many of whom speak little English and have little or no experience with a structured environment.

In this situation, the teachers are expected to teach how to read, how to count, how to use the English language and more. When these students go into first and second grade, class-size reduction kicks in, and classes are smaller. There’s no funding for class-size reduction for kindergarten. To me, this implies absolute nonsense on the part of anyone who professes to care about kids, but especially the Legislature, the School Board and the school district administration.



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