Make sure donations go where intended

I am so glad someone finally exposed the greed at the top of the Wounded Warrior Project. It is sad to think that most of what people nationwide contributed went for bloated salaries and perks at the top of the organization.

Almost every day I receive an email from the USO soliciting funds. I used to contribute until I learned the CEO’s salary. Yes it may be comparable to CEOs of other large organizations but, if you are running an organization staffed with unpaid volunteers, a bloated salary speaks of greed rather than service to our military family.

Here in Las Vegas, there are many solicitations for used cars made by organizations that claim the vehicles will go to vets. But many of these cars end up with staffmembers of these organizations.

Many veterans are certainly in need of help, but before you make a contribution check to ensure your donation goes where you intended.

Phillip Sparacino

Las Vegas

Candidate opinions

Donald opens his mouth and the liberal press goes wild. His one-on-one with Chris Matthews at MSNBC was a great way to get a point across.

You can see why Donald Trump resonates with a lot of people in this country. He is bringing up things that are not politically correct and that these dumb-down politicians don’t want you to know or talk about.

I believe he commits all these gaffes on purpose. He keeps his name in the press and saves a great deal of money in advertising while his opponents shell out big dough to stay in the race.

Bernie and Donald are saying things the establishment does not want to hear and both parties are pulling out all the stops to stop them.

Let’s make a change in the direction of this country.

Dave Mesker

Las Vegas

Ethnicity and politicians

In the Review-Journal’s March 30 front-page article about Harry Reid allegedly cautioning Jesse Sbaih against running for office because of his ethnicity and religion, there was a telling paragraph. It stated, “Reid’s office kept talking to Sbaih. In October, Sbaih was offered a recommendation from Reid for a $157,000-a-year appointment as a commissioner on the Election Assistance Commission.”

This sounds suspiciously like a political bribe to convince Mr. Sbaih to drop his campaign for office. Isn’t that illegal?

On another note, how can so many elected officials enter office as solid members of the middle class then retire as millionaires? The jobs don’t pay that much, and the cost of living in D.C. is high. Yet their standard answer is that they invested well.

We’ve got a candidate running for office who stands a good chance of being indicted. We have a candidate running for office who was born in Canada, not the United States, making him, in my opinion, ineligible to be president. We’ve got a self-declared socialist running for office who thinks the American taxpayer should pay for everything for everyone.

We the people are tired of the graft and corruption that passes for politics as usual in Washington, D.C. Why is it so hard for the two major parties to understand why the anti-establishment candidate, Donald Trump, is so popular?

Kathleen Stone


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