New tax on tanning salons is discriminatory

To the editor:

In response to your Saturday editorial on Sen. Harry Reid’s tanning tax:

Why has no one brought up the fact that the tanning tax is blatantly discriminatory?

Who goes to tanning salons? Blacks don’t go. Hispanics don’t go. Asians don’t go — in fact, many of them cover up in order to remain fair. So who does that leave? Whites.

Salon operators are penalized with a special tax and pass that cost on to the customer. Why are they not protesting?



No Tea Party

To the editor:

In response to Daniel Olivier’s Friday letter: It always amazes me how liberals justify everything.

The rent-a-mob near Wall Street is not a mirror image of the Tea Party. The Tea Party was made up of people who have to go back to work on Monday. They pick up their own trash. There aren’t mass arrests. The only assaults are on, not by, the Tea Party members. They want government to live within its means. They aren’t paid to attend. Riot police aren’t standing by.

As for the job creators, even Mr. Olivier wouldn’t buy anything if he didn’t know the final cost. With all these new mandates coming from the current president, nobody knows how much anything will cost. This uncertainty extends to calculating the cost of hiring employees.

As for our “brilliant” president’s effort to “prime the pump,” it cost $1 trillion the last time he tried it. This “brilliant” president believes if at first you don’t succeed, spend more money. Then blame it on anybody or anything when it doesn’t work.

If the liberals followed Keynesian economics, we would’ve put money away during our flush times so we could afford to spend during the down times. But all they want to do is spend, spend, spend.

Liberals have one motto: It’s not your money. No matter how much you earn, it’s mine to spend anyway I want to. So shut up and stop complaining.

Forrest A. Henry

North Las Vegas

Don’t blame

To the editor:

I was channel surfing recently when I came across the movie “Lean On Me” at the point where Morgan Freeman, the new principal at an inner city school, was trying to motivate his students. He told them that if they failed, they should not blame anyone but themselves.

My, oh my, isn’t that what Herman Cain just said, and for which he has been excoriated by many African-Americans?

This just confirms what I have believed for so long about Hollywood. They repeat only lines that are written for them, for which they are grossly overpaid.

Listen to the Herman Cains who have “made it” through their own efforts. They have solutions.

M.H. Barris


Just the facts

To the editor:

Your letter writers have been trading catchy phrases about politics lately. Let’s try actual facts for a change:

President Bill Clinton raised tax rates in 1993, and the economy boomed. President George W. Bush reduced taxes in 2001 and 2003 and we got the weakest economic expansion of the past century.

The GOP wants Barack Obama to be a one-term president so they can get back in power, and they are willing to throw the country under the bus to accomplish that.

The rest is hyperbole.

Diane Shaul


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