NRA’s armed-guard idea is win-win-win

To the editor:

Regarding the recent suggestion by the National Rifle Association to put armed guards in each school: I happen to think that’s a great idea.

First, with some 300 schools in the Las Vegas Valley, this would create a bunch of new jobs. Second, Republicans have always provided support for guns, wars and defense-related issues, so they shouldn’t mind paying teachers hazardous duty pay.

Finally, the NRA members who fill these armed-guard positions would finally contribute to society by being the first casualties in shootings. The shots that take them down will warn the rest of the school to implement lockdown procedures and take defensive actions.

More jobs, teachers get better pay and NRA members get to implement and pay for their own stupid ideas.

Rick Reynolds

Las Vegas

War on children

To the editor:

Planned Parenthood performs more than 300,000 abortions every year. Yet there is no talk of restrictions being placed on abortions.

A madman kills 20 kids and six adults in a senseless massacre, and all the talk is about restricting the rights of law-abiding gun owners.

Why there is no talk of restricting or ending abortions when abortions kill far more children every year than guns do?

Alan Galins

Las Vegas

Conspiracy theory

To the editor:

I finally figured out the dark, ugly secret behind gun control.

Our government has kidnapped impressionable young men, drugged and brainwashed them into the crazed maniacs we see on TV, gunning down children in schools and randomly murdering people in theaters or anywhere else they can maximize their mayhem. Our government has done this out of a carefully crafted plot, designed to whip up the fury of a duped population, with shills in the media suggesting the overthrow of our Second Amendment right, all in preparation for an authoritarian takeover. Just like what we see in the world today, where our brave soldiers have been sent to defend the helpless, who have been rendered helpless by their own government previously to hasten their demise.

With the population being reduced to helpless, impotent cows being marched to their slaughter, there will be no resistance that cannot be overcome within minutes. The government and police will receive their marching orders from the secret society that controls our banks and corporations.

Our forefathers foresaw this potential outcome, which was the impetus behind the Second Amendment. Their forefathers were reduced to using shovels and pitchforks against a ruthless authoritarian dictatorship that had swords, arrows and cannons.

Do I actually believe this far-fetched, delusional idea? Of course not. But regardless of what I think, the outcome will be exactly the same.

John Aarness

Las Vegas

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