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So what do Romney and Ryan stand for?

To the editor:

After two debates and countless speeches and interviews, I’m still wondering where the Romney/Ryan ticket stands on issues that concern most American voters.

On the one hand, Mitt Romney says he will reduce the deficit without raising taxes and will, in fact, lower tax rates for everyone. He says he will do this by cutting programs and doing away with loopholes and deductions. Unfortunately, other than proposing the defunding of PBS and Planned Parenthood, which together amount to a minuscule portion of the budget, he has dodged the direct question of which loopholes and deductions he would eliminate. At the same time, Mr. Romney has pledged to build several more Navy destroyers and submarines than currently planned, undoubtedly costing billions of dollars. How will these be paid for?

On the Middle East, Mr. Romney says he supports pulling U.S. troops out of Afghanistan by the end of 2014, yet he says that President Obama’s plan to do the same is somehow providing aid to the enemy. Mr. Romney and Rep. Paul Ryan have alluded to possible military action in Syria and Iran, yet have not specifically stated how that would happen or how it would be paid for.

When asked about abortion rights, Rep. Ryan said “unelected judges” shouldn’t decide this issue. When running for governor of Massachusetts, Mr. Romney said he would protect a woman’s right to choose. Which is the real Romney position?

Both Mr. Romney and Rep. Ryan support a much smaller government, eliminating entire agencies and departments, most of which are yet to be named. But, when pressed, Rep. Ryan admitted that his budget would actually grow the federal government.

So, what does the GOP ticket really stand for? Why have they been so remiss to provide details and specifics to their plans?

Voters deserve to have critical information to make informed decisions on the choices presented regarding the future of our nation.

Joel Rector

North Las Vegas

‘These people’

To the editor:

I see liberal Rep. Shelley Berkley has added another mud ball to her arsenal. Apparently, in Thursday’s U.S. Senate debate, Sen. Dean Heller referred to Hispanics as “these people” (Saturday Review-Journal).

So what? “These people” have made themselves “these people” by adding “Hispanic” and a hyphen to “American.”

Does anyone remember the midterm elections two years ago, when (illegal) immigrant activist Dolores Huerta was in Las Vegas campaigning for Harry and Rory Reid because they would give “her people” the best representation? She even went so far as to say that Republican Brian Sandoval, a Hispanic who went on to win the governor’s race, was racist and wouldn’t represent “his people.”

Let me ask this question: Do “these people” think they are in any way entitled to more representation, more benefits or more rights than I’m entitled to under the Constitution of the United States of America? Absolutely not.

I also ask, under the leadership of the current president and Democrat-controlled U.S. Senate, are “these people” any better off than they were four years ago? If you are one of “these people” and you answered anything but no, then you aren’t being truthful, because the truth is, nobody is.

The Democratic Party has promised you everything you can think to ask for, and it will continue to do so for the sake of obtaining your vote. Then, once again, after they’ve been restored to power, they will conveniently forget all they promised during the campaign, and four years later, none of us, regardless of race, skin color or whatever we use to set ourselves apart and make ourselves special, will be any better off.

Frank W. Thompson


Newton project

To the editor:

Perhaps because so little grace was involved, the demise of Wayne Newton’s “Graceland West” development was easier to predict than the perfunctory standing ovation at the end of one of his shows (Saturday Review-Journal).

How else could it go when a guy who expects to have his cake and eat it too gets involved with people who really take the cake?

Lonny Zarowitz

Las Vegas


To the editor:

First we steal from the Social Security trust fund to provide tax relief, then we steal from the Medicare trust fund to pay for ObamaCare. What’s next, stealing from ObamaCare to save Big Bird?

Henry Schmid

Las Vegas

Smiling Joe

To the editor:

If you had just come here from another planet Thursday night, and you watched the vice presidential debate, you might think the old guy with the gray hair was very immature because of all his laughing, smiling and various expressions. You also might wonder who has been in power for almost four years.

At one point, Vice President Joe Biden emphatically said Rep. Paul Ryan and Republicans must take responsibility for blocking the economic recovery. Then, a short time later, he said the Obama administration didn’t know anything about requests for additional security for diplomats in Libya, where four Americans recently were killed.

Seems to me the lights are all on, but nobody is home.

David Jaronik


Invitation to vote

To the editor:

My wife recently received a “Nevada State Voter Registration Notification” post card from Secretary of State Ross Miller. The post card provided instructions on how to register to vote online. This is curious because my wife is not a U.S. citizen. I can’t help but wonder how many other aliens received this same card.

Bill Valentine

Carson City

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