Teacher union article only scratched surface

To the editor:

The article on the pay of local teacher union leaders was enlightening but not surprising (Review-Journal, Sunday). It should be a wake-up call for union members that what is important to the union leadership is not the union members.

The rank and file pay only for the excesses that members of the union leadership afford themselves.

We have heard a lot about “shared sacrifice,” and now we know that union members are to “sacrifice” so they can “share” their money with overpaid “leaders” who received 20 percent to 60 percent raises while teachers were being laid off.

Unfortunately, you have just scratched the surface. If you were to check out their expenses and allocations of money from other accounts, you would see an outrageous amount of money being lavished on the “leadership” to cover trips, meals, cars, vacations disguised as business, etc.

It is time that the Review-Journal does what the First Amendment allows it to do. Shine the light on the corruption of politicians who are tied to groups such as the teacher union and the unholy alliance that keeps feeding and growing it at the expense of the public — and, in this case, our children’s education.

Ken Fleck

Las Vegas

Free lunch

To the editor:

In his Sunday commentary, progressive Bob Fulkerson urges “more aggressive action to bring more relief to the 14 million homeowners who have seen the equity they have built over the years disappear.” He advocates forcing banks to write down principal on loans.

If I may ask a simple question: Why?

These homeowners agreed on a price with the sellers, then applied for loan from a bank. The market went south sometime after they bought their home. Why should banks be held responsible? They simply loaned the borrowers money as they requested.

Banks can’t bring housing prices back to the inflated levels of 2006. Why can’t Mr. Fulkerson and others like him just accept free markets?

William Moreland

Las Vegas

Took an oath

To the editor:

I totally agree with all the Americans who feel that President Obama’s apology to the leaders of Afghanistan was, at best, misplaced loyalty.

The burning of a couple of Qurans was a mistake, not something planned. How many public apologies from foreign leaders have you heard when demonstrators set the American flag on fire? I can’t recall any.

Enough is enough with these acts of bowing and humiliation by the leader of the greatest country in the world. Enough with the siding with Mexico against law-abiding citizens of the United States. Enough with praising the Muslim religion.

President Obama should find and read the papers he took an oath to defend instead of trampling all over them.

Joe Schaerer

Las Vegas

Water plan

To the editor:

It appears the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce’s Kristin McMillan has all the answers except a viable one concerning looming water rate hikes (Sunday Review-Journal).

First, make the water authority close the Springs Preserve attraction, which almost nobody attends.

Second, let’s see how the “third straw” can be done economically. Bids for the project were submitted when the funding came from new home construction. Get new bids realistic to this economy.

Third, find a more efficient way of construction, as these plans go back three years.

Fourth, get off our backs.

Ardelle Bellman

Las Vegas

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