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Texas college attack validates gun control

To the editor:

What happened Tuesday at Lone Star Community College near Houston proved again that people with guns kill, but people with knives mostly injure.

Imagine the murders the suspect could have committed if he had an assault weapon with a high-capacity clip like the killer in Newtown, Conn., did — a weapon that was capable of shooting 154 bullets in just minutes. A weapon that he legally was able to have.

Let our senators and representatives know that we are watching how they handle this crisis. This should be a human issue, not a political one.



Not funny

To the editor:

What were you thinking when you published the two anti-gun cartoons April 6? The one by Pat Oliphant was bad enough, but the one by Steve Benson was the most outrageous, disgusting cartoon I have ever seen in the Review-Journal.

I just hope the mother of the little boy who was shot in the face by a young punk with a .22 pistol never sees it.



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