The powerful look out for their own

Wednesday’s Review-Journal article, “UNLV final face-to-face bout in fight for presidency,” quotes Erik Hertzik, chairman of the political science department at the University of Nevada, Reno. Exhibiting an elitist attitude endemic in academia, Mr. Hertzik stated, “‘I’m going to lock you up’ is an applause line for [Trump’s] base. But for many that watch, this includes Republicans and independents and Democrats, it’s like wait a minute, that’s what Third-World countries do.”

It is inexplicable in light of his position that Mr. Hertzik trivializes Hillary Clinton’s criminal behavior. Mr. Trump’s base is outraged that her obvious criminal acts are winked at by the Obama administration, the Democrat Party, the national media and perhaps the Republican establishment.

Mr. Hertzik is grandstanding when he says that Mr. Trump’s promise is “what Third-World countries do.” No, Mr. Hertzik, Third-World countries jail opponents in disregard of the law. And more to the point, Third-World countries protect the ruling class in disregard of the law.

Members of Mr. Trump’s base are outraged that criminal acts are not being prosecuted. Members of Mr. Trump’s base think the politically powerful watch out for their own — and they are tired of it. And they are tired of the political class (with their sycophants in academia and the media) leading our country into Third-World status.

Mr. Trump’s base longs for the return of America’s greatness. And as Hillary herself said when debating Bernie Sanders, “There should be no bank too big to fail and no individual too big to jail.”

Gary Preble

Olympia, Wash.

Piddling raise

Have you heard? We recipients of Social Security will receive a whopping $4 per month increase staring next year. Yes, you heard right. A whopping $4.

And why only $4? According to the federal government there is no money. But wait a minute, didn’t President Obama just allocate millions for the refugees and millions for all these illegal children who are crossing our borders?

This is more proof of the Obama administration’s poor priorities. And can you imagine that if Hillary Clinton wins, we’ll have another four years of the same.

We senior citizens better start looking for work.

Miguel Reyes-Cuerva


Creating criminals

Before voters pass judgment on an initiative, it should be decided whether it will be an effective law or a rule of force. Consider the words of England’s chief justice John Vaughn, who said in 1677, “a law which man cannot obey, nor act according to it, is void, and no law, and it is impossible to obey contradictions, or act according to them.”

Also, Sir William Blackstone (1723-1780) English jurist and legal scholar said: “Governments should not do things that are naturally impossible.”

Our own Thomas Jefferson put it this way: “We must avoid laws that create crime in order to punish.”

Question 1 fills the bill here. Its vague and obscure language, camouflage words, all add up to red tape confusion. This does not fulfill the requirements of true law. To paraphrase the Roman statesman Cato so long ago: “The more laws you have, the more criminals you have.”

Vote no on Question 1.

Mel Miller


Gambling man

The vote is in. Score: Gov. Brian Sandoval and the special interests 1, residents 0.

Good to see Billy Walters’ property is still under consideration as the stadium site. That’s a prime example of why the average citizen has little or no faith in our representatives.

I have two questions if the Oakland Raiders do relocate here and all their fans from Oakland and Los Angeles do move here to fill the stadium and create a new housing bubble.

1) Will the books give odds on the stadium price tag being under $2 billion?

2) Is the over/under that the Raiders will ask for a better deal and threaten to relocate to L.A. or Oakland more than 15 years?

Just a rant from one of the disenfranchised middle class.

Jerry Andreoli Jr.

Las Vegas

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