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The ‘richocracy’ and tax loopholes

To the editor:

All my adult life, all I’ve ever heard from our two-party system was talk about plans to fix “loopholes.” I believe Washington, D.C., is the loophole capital of the world.

The latest reference involves loopholes in our tax system. When they formulate these laws, do they have a loophole button on the keyboard like there is a spell-check button? I think our two parties are one big loophole mess.

Let’s get real, people. Loopholes are put into laws to favor the rich, not the rest of us poor souls. Time to get into the streets and scream our heads off like they do on some air-head TV shows.

To my way of thinking, loopholes put into laws are nothing more than criminal acts. We don’t live under a democracy, we live under a “richocracy.” Time for some drastic changes, folks.

John Tominsky

Las Vegas

Worked up

To the editor:

I’m writing to call attention to the use of fireworks in neighborhoods on the Fourth of July. Unfortunately, in my neighborhood, it doesn’t stop on the Fourth. I was awakened at one in the morning on July 6, and could not get back to sleep.

I am sure the fireworks I heard were not legal. I cannot understand why we still permit fireworks in our neighborhoods. We wouldn’t permit a rock concert in front of our homes.

There are many citizens who are elderly and go to bed early. Local neighborhood fireworks keep them awake. Doesn’t this fall in the category of disturbing the peace? If people are interested in fireworks, why can’t they go to where they are presented in a controlled atmosphere and venue, like very loud rock concerts?

I would venture a guess that most of the people shooting off these fireworks, legal and illegal, haven’t a clue as to what they are supposedly celebrating or commemorating.

I don’t know who has the authority to stop this disruptive practice, but each year I suffer, along with my pets, for something that should have been stopped a long time ago. Celebrating our independence should not be an opportunity for people to “have fun” at the expense of innocent citizens and their victimized pets.

For those who can’t live without all the noise on the Fourth, go outside the neighborhoods to the fireworks and have your fun.

I guess if these fireworks weren’t sold in Las Vegas, this problem would resolve itself. I don’t have a lot of hope in that happening. I’m just glad another Fourth of July has passed — and I don’t look forward to the next one.

Barbara Gurley

Las Vegas

Union dominated

To the editor:

I hate to say this, but the citizens of North Las Vegas have only themselves to blame for their current fiscal woes.

Over the years they consistently re-elected the same members of the city council — the same council members who couldn’t give the unions enough pay raises and benefits at contract time. Wouldn’t want to ruffle their feathers or they won’t support my re-election.

The electorate even promoted Shari Buck to mayor. The one who never voted against a pay raise or increase in benefits. Now the mayor finds the ones she favored are now running the asylum.

Lloyd Sheaffer

Las Vegas

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