UNLV football an embarrassment to Vegas

To the editor:

I am a native to this state, and I have lived in both Southern Nevada and Northern Nevada. My daughter attends UNR. My wife and I both earned degrees from UNLV. I’m neutral.

I attended the UNLV-UNR football game Saturday to enjoy what I thought would be the latest installment of the in-state rivalry. What I saw was embarrassing.

The UNLV football team is by far the worst Division I team I’ve ever watched. It’s one thing to have a poor outing or to be outmatched by a stronger program. But these sad sacks are just awful — and, worse, they don’t even care.

Trust me, UNR is no powerhouse. They were a very wobbly 1-3 and will see more losses before the season ends.

As a lifetime resident and taxpayer, I’m outraged that scholarship dollars would be wasted on the talents of the UNLV football team. I would offer that Bishop Gorman High School probably could have done better on Saturday.

Casey Potter


Say what?

To the editor:

Regarding Saturday’s letter from Randall Buie, contending the existence of a 637-word manifesto offered by the Wall Street protesters:

The question is not whether the editors of this newspaper have read these grievances. The question is whether the protesters have read them.

Through the haze of incoherence and inconsistencies, I believe the answer to that is self-evident — and something we can all agree on.

Beverly King

Las Vegas

Old Vegas

To the editor:

The short sidebar with your Sunday article on old Las Vegas states, “The oasis known as the Dunes made way for Treasure Island.”

In reality, the little Castaways made way for Treasure Island and The Mirage. I know — I worked there for a number of years and was purchasing manager when the Castaways closed.

Bill Schafer

Las Vegas

Cancer care

To the editor:

It’s interesting that Dr. James Sanchez is upset that the proposed cuts in Medicare may include treatment for cancer patients (Saturday letter). Apparently, it is OK if they cut preventive care or programs for people with diabetes, kidney failure or other non-cancer ailments. I guess it is OK if people with diseases other than cancer die as long as the people with cancer continue to get Medicare-covered expenses.

Michael R. Stilley


Work for free

To the editor:

If the commissioner of the NFL, Roger Goodell, was willing to work for $1 a year while his players were without a job, I can’t see why all members of Congress and the president can’t do the same thing if they’re going to do nothing for the millions of people who are without jobs.

Nobody had to ask Mr. Goodell to do what he did. He just did it. But me, I’m asking for the Congress and everyone else involved to follow Mr. Goodell’s good will.

If the people can’t get a paycheck, let’s see how many sincere people there are in Washington.

Michael Kerzetski

Las Vegas

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