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Wayne Allyn Root column is a waste of valuable space

It is extremely disheartening — and, I might add, entirely irresponsible — of the Review-Journal or any newspaper to put forth a columnist such as Wayne Allyn Root. He insists on perpetuating known falsehoods, such as his claim that the federal government under Barack Obama separated migrant children from their parents (Thursday Review-Journal).

Mr. Root should pull back his “I” and “me” point of view. His columns are the most shallow, vain and shortsighted pieces of idiotic pablum that have ever graced an op-ed page. Enough with the sycophantic Trump, Trump, Trump rally. We get it. Is Mr. Root capable of addressing anything else readers may find interesting? Anything?

Does Mr. Root pays the RJ for his space? To be an esteemed paper, the RJ needs to take its opinion space seriously.

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