Who cares about mediocre BYU?

To the editor:

This letter may not sit well with my BYU alumni friends, but can someone please tell me why an informational sports column about Brigham Young University athletics appears weekly on Fridays in the Las Vegas-Review Journal sports page? Isn’t there enough going on at UNLV or our local school district athletic programs to fill this space?

I exercise my right to not read the article, but I sometimes cheat and read it due to lack of news. Isn’t BYU the big shot school that snubbed its nose at the Mountain West Conference and headed for bigger greener pastures, just to have their basketball program end up in a mid-major, at best, and they can’t even compete at that level?

I’m sure BYU is a great institution but if people want to follow BYU athletics they should subscribe to the Alumni Association Bulletin. But why do that when they can read free in the Review-Journal?



Tip pooling

To the editor:

Finally some push-back against our greedy billionaires (Steve Sebelius column, March 3.) The Hogan bill to keep employers’ sticky fingers out of the tip bucket is long overdue.

Tips are a directed personal gratuity for exceptional service. Tip pooling should be allowed if a

majority of employees want it. The employer can collect and distribute tips at no cost .

Keep reporting these stories that have real consequence to working folks. Thank you, Steve.



Costly meter

To the editor:

A couple of weeks ago I received a letter from our beloved electric company here, stating that I had only until March 11, 2013 to let them know whether I wanted their “smart meter” or an older version of the analog meter.

I told the lady that I was a 73-year-old widow and wanted to just keep the old meter that I still had. Besides being on one of the tightest fixed incomes ever I can’t afford the $52.80. Why would I have to have someone come here, remove my meter and replace that meter with the exact same kind of meter only to charge me more than $50?

I truly feel we are becoming more and more a Socialist country and perhaps this is another one of Obama’s ploys. This lady kept telling me I had NO choice in this matter at all! How does that sound? Can’t we get some other electric companies in here for some competition?

I, for one, am not pleased with what Mr. Yakira has been doing lately.



Not real cuts

To the editor:

This is in response to the letter submitted by Ron Lowe. The sequester process was an Obama idea, not that of any Republican.

More importantly, the cuts are not really cuts. The budget is increasing, but increasing at 2 percent less than the 7 percent budgeted. So if there is no real cut, how can it be doomsday?

The answer is simple: It’s another Obama lie designed to blame the Republicans for something.

Hopefully soon people will realize that Obama doesn’t care about the middle class, job creation or the economy — all he cares about is power and turning the United States into a Third-World country.



Class size

To the editor:

Nevada’s schools chief James Guthrie has an impressive resume, but I’m one classroom teacher who believes he lives in La-la-land.

Testifying in front of state lawmakers (“School Chief Takes Fire,” March 2) he once again made the claim that class size isn’t important, saying “An effective teacher trumps all. …” That’s a pretty bold, and wrong, statement from a person who has never taught inside of a classroom full of teenagers.

Put more than 35 teenagers in a classroom, many with little or no parental supervision. Then add their hormones, cell phones and general lackadaisical attitude towards education into the equation, and even the greatest teachers become ineffectual. Packed classrooms are a

recipe for educational disaster and Nevada’s schools chief is out of touch on this issue.



Aid to Syria?

To the editor:

Not much drama this past week in the Senate and House. As the matter of fact, I don’t recall them at work. The spending cuts will now go into effect. A lot of jobs and programs will be gone.

Then in the next breath Congress announced on TV the elected officials voted to give a $60 million check to Syria. I’d say that was overspending the taxpayers’ money. Did the House or the Senate ask me? No!

It appears to me the elected officials want to squeeze blood of a turnip. Why don’t they

start with their own paychecks and leave my little money alone?




To the editor:

It has been reported that Senate Bill 123 contains verbiage to keep secret from the public the cost per kilowatt hour of “Green Power.”

This is just a blatant attempt to hide the much higher cost of “renewables,” which can be three to four times the cost of gas and coal.

Politicians who support “part-time” Green Power must recognize and accept responsibility for the ever-increasing cost of electricity and not try to hide behind such legislation.

I hope that the Public Utility Commission and Consumer Advocate pay close attention to this attempted cover-up.



Air Show

To the editor:

Our entire family goes to Aviation Nation at Nellis AFB every November. We find nothing in the United States that is much more awe-inspiring, morale boosting and gives us a better sense of pride than the United States air defense and the Thunderbirds.

Why would our government consider cutting the budget for programs such as this when there is such waste in spending right there on Capitol Hill?



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