Local bus line: more money, worse service

To the editor:

I would like to thank the Regional Transportation Commission for once again raising the bus fares and continually providing horrible service to those of us unlucky enough to have to take the bus.

I thoroughly enjoy waiting 45 minutes for a bus that’s supposed to run every 20, especially in the cold weather.

I also cannot tell you how many times I’ve had the pleasure of seeing a bus driver drive off with people running to catch the bus, and then seeing the driver stop the bus and take a break a mile down the road.

Thank you for training your staff to be highly efficient in making people late for work.

You say the fare increase is due to higher gas prices, which I have noticed are lower than last year when your daily fare nearly doubled. But at the same time Veolia/RTC is building a new downtown transportation center to replace the current one — which is still fully functional, if not in need of a good cleaning.

I have also heard about a new route called the ACE on the Strip — as if we don’t already have a monorail, the Deuce, and thousands of cabs to cover the Strip.

Why is the RTC wasting money on unnecessary projects such as ACE and a new DTC, while providing progressively worse service? More importantly, will the bus-riding citizens of Las Vegas stand idly by, or will they stage a mass protest on Jan. 10 when the fares go up?

Congratulations, Veolia/RTC for turning what was once voted the best mass transit system in the country into one of the worst.

Charles Gilmore



Something amiss

To the editor:

Kim Kirwan is surprised that students and parents are outraged that a public school teacher is an anti-Semite who thinks the Holocaust was a fallacy (Tuesday letter)?

I wonder how she’d feel if the teacher reported that African-Americans weren’t really slaves, rather they were simply on work furloughs. Maybe this teacher also feels all Hispanics are illegal aliens, as well.

Ms. Kirwan did get one thing right in her letter, however: Our public school systems are awash in agendas, entitlement, and a union that evidently supports mediocrity rather then achievement.

We’d be far better served by allowing private industry to handle schooling. Teachers are held accountable in private schools, children learn more, and the end result is what our goal ultimately is — a more educated country.

When a public school teacher blatantly denies the Holocaust occurred, and is still employed with my tax dollars, something is terribly amiss.

Tony Marovitz



Inflaming feelings

To the editor:

I can only think of one source of the hateful Holocaust misinformation that teacher Lori Sublette passed on to her students: Pat Buchanan’s remarks about how the Nazi regime couldn’t have killed so many Jews (as if the precise number mattered).

If Ms. Sublette was actually repeating Mr. Buchanan’s remarks, then she — like everyone else who follows politics — would know that these comments were widely criticized at the time they were made and were rebutted by historians well-versed in the details of World War II. Ms. Sublette must have known that she was making remarks guaranteed to inflame people’s feelings. She should be fired.

If the school’s response is simply to have a Holocaust lecture and or/film come to its campus, then Ms. Sublette and others like her win by getting to spew their hatred and possibly convince their students that even the lecture and the film are frauds, spreading misinformation about Jews.

Seth Wittner



Sugar daddy Reid

To the editor:

In the Dec. 22 story, "Utility aims to salt away solar power," there was unfortunately no mention that Sen. Harry Reid played a leading and critical role in helping to put Nevada in the forefront of solar energy. Without Sen. Reid’s strong support and clear understanding of the merits of the project, it might not have proceeded on a timely basis, which would have jeopardized the project’s eligibility to receive Recovery Act benefits, potentially eroding the project’s viability.

Further, Sen. Reid worked closely with SolarReserve and the U.S. Air Force and demonstrated that we can meet the goals of both protecting national security and improving the nation’s energy security.

As the first utility scale project of this kind in the United States, we at SolarReserve are grateful to Sen. Reid and Secretary of the Air Force Michael Donley for helping to bring this project from concept to reality.

Kevin Smith





Peter and Paul

To the editor:

Those who rob Peter to pay Paul so they can pursue an agenda of control and exploitation know that Paul will back them to the hilt. Thus, whenever possible, they abuse their power in their attempt to create more and more Pauls.

The Democrat leadership knows that generating multitudes of ignorant, dependent Pauls is the key to expanding their authority and keeping them in power.

It is high time that, excuse the expression, all the Peters in this country stand up. Enough is enough. We must throw out those who pander to Paul for their own advantage.

Ernie Mathews



Party of no

To the editor:

If this health-care reform is so great, why are there so many Democratic congressmen wanting "exemptions" for their state?

I keep hearing that the Republicans are the party of no. When my son wants to put his hand on a hot stove, I say, "No." When he wants to run out into the street to get the ball he carelessly kicked, I say, "No." Someone has to look out for his well being.

I am thankful the Republicans are looking out for our well being. Obviously, as these senators ask for exemptions from something they are willing to vote for, they are not looking out for the welfare of the American people.

Bob McKinleY


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