Local high-rise craze claimed its share of victims

To the editor:

A true sign of the times: I live in Newport Lofts, a Cherry Development project downtown. This company owns a vacant lot on the corner of Third Street and Gass Avenue which was touted as a “coming soon” high-rise condo called Stanhi. Of course, the economy tanked and the lot has been allowed to fall into disrepair.

Now, my fellow owners in Cherry’s Newport Lofts and I have the pleasure of seeing a homeless encampment developing behind the shoddy fencing left behind after the Cherry Stanhi promos were pulled off the boards of the vacant lot.

Calls to Cherry Development go unanswered and e-mails to the address on the Web site bounce back unrecognized.

Guess who feels like a sucker for buying into the hype and now is being taken for a ride? This is now the reality of the hyped up high-rise craze of a few years ago.

Dillard Stone


Warming fraud

To the editor:

Exposure of the fraudulent manipulation of statistics used to support the global warming theory should encourage considerable caution before hysterical environmentalists and politicians succeed in crippling our carbon-based economy.

The inconvenient truth is that, no matter how the academics interpret the results of their programs, statistics alone cannot prove that warming is anything but part of the Earth’s natural temperature cycle.

And just because CO2 levels have risen, there is no scientific proof showing it to be the cause.

The whole argument could be put to bed if an engineering science was employed to prove whether very small concentrations of CO2 (one of the smallest greenhouse gas components) are physically capable of producing the projected temperature rises.

Tom Keller


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