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Wayne Allyn Root

Wayne Allyn Root

Wayne Allyn Root’s column runs Thursdays and Sundays.
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COMMENTARY: A sure-fire way for Donald Trump to build his wall

The American people can get things done without Congress. This will build a new era of “can-do” national spirit. Congress will be shamed. Congress will realize they can no longer stand in the way of a relentless President Trump and the American people.

COMMENTARY: Trump Russian scandal blowing up on the Democrats

Well guess what came out earlier this week? Obama’s former National Security Advisor Susan Rice unmasked the names of Trump aides under surveillance and gave the names to none other than the infamous … Ben Rhodes.

COMMENTARY: Welcome to Trumpland, where the president enjoys the upper hand

In only a few days … while liberals sat around gloating over the “failure” of the Obamacare repeal … Trump changed the direction of America. Trump did more in this time than most presidents do in a four-year term.

COMMENTARY: Attractive Nevada tax climate lures NFL’s Raiders, other enterprises

Think about this for a minute. Mark Davis, the owner of the formerly Oakland Raiders, just saved tens of millions of dollars in future taxes. And every one of his players just saved a significant portion of their income by moving from California to Nevada.

COMMENTARY: Donald Trump must be bold when it comes to Obamacare repeal

Don’t compromise or “moderate.” Don’t play around the edges. Either you go the “Full Monty” or just lose. Period. You can’t be partly pregnant. As soon as Republicans try to be Democrat-lite, they lose.

COMMENTARY: What about the Russians and Hillary Clinton?

If phone calls to Russians merit an investigation, what is the significance of the Clinton Foundation accepting $145 million from the Russians, while Hillary is secretary of state and being lobbied by these same people to sell off America’s valuable resources?

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