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Wayne Allyn Root

Wayne Allyn Root

Wayne Allyn Root’s column runs Thursdays and Sundays.
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COMMENTARY: Donald Trump must be bold when it comes to Obamacare repeal

Don’t compromise or “moderate.” Don’t play around the edges. Either you go the “Full Monty” or just lose. Period. You can’t be partly pregnant. As soon as Republicans try to be Democrat-lite, they lose.

COMMENTARY: What about the Russians and Hillary Clinton?

If phone calls to Russians merit an investigation, what is the significance of the Clinton Foundation accepting $145 million from the Russians, while Hillary is secretary of state and being lobbied by these same people to sell off America’s valuable resources?

COMMENTARY: Donald Trump has fans all over Asia

Even Asians thousands of miles away agree with President Trump on key issues. And they are turned off by the Democrats.

COMMENTARY: Local entrepreneur a true Las Vegas success story

Little did Ron realize that this decision — his first Vegas job earned him $18 per day — would be the launching pad for his involvement in the ownership of more than 20 companies and the fulfillment of his dream to become an entrepreneur.

COMMENTARY: Nevada politicians looking to raise property taxes must be high

I know this much: I can’t pay another dollar in property taxes. Look elsewhere. The people are in trouble. The people are tapped out. The people are angry. And soon, you’re going to have a full–scale mutiny on your hands.