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Trump made headlines, but Clinton made the big news

Are you watching the news? Have you seen anything about the damaging WikiLeaks or FBI leak revelations against Hillary? Where are these headlines?

The information leaked last week is devastating to Hillary. If American voters heard the news leaked out in the past few days, not only would Hillary be disqualified from the White House, she’d be headed for the Big House.

But no one can find Hillary’s bad news mentioned in the news. Because all the media care about is Donald Trump’s private conversations from 11 years ago and the women popping up out of the blue after 30 years to claim he groped them.

Am I missing something? These are unproven “he said, she said” allegations from decades ago with no witnesses. Anyone can make up anything about anyone running for president. Could they have a liberal agenda? Ya think, maybe?

But Hillary’s WikiLeaks revelations are straight from the horse’s mouth. And these leaks are deadly, embarrassing, devastating and — in some cases — criminal. If only the mainstream media would bother to report them.

Here are just a few revelations from the past few days that I’m willing to bet you haven’t heard.

■ Sources within the FBI report that a vast majority of agents supported prosecution of Hillary Clinton. They are angry and embarrassed at the FBI director’s decision. Worse, it was unanimous among FBI agents who actually worked on the case that Hillary should be stripped of her national security clearance.

■ Hillary’s staff debated creative ways to evade a congressional subpoena demanding her 33,000 emails. Why?

■ It’s apparent President Barack Obama himself received many of Hillary’s emails sent on a personal server, then tried to cover it up with “executive privilege.” Which means Obama was up to his neck in the same national security mess as Hillary. Of course he wanted her to evade prosecution. If Hillary were sent to prison, guess who’d go down with her? Obama.

■ Everything I’ve ever warned about the Clinton Foundation is true. It’s a pay-for-play extortion scheme.

■ Hillary’s top aides have a disdain for people of faith — in particular Catholics and Evangelicals, whom they mocked.

■ Hillary’s top aides wanted to foment a “Catholic Spring” just like the disastrous and radical “Arab Spring.” The goal was to radicalize the Catholic Church to accept gay marriage and transgender people.

■ Hillary rigged the Democratic primary against Bernie Sanders. Hillary was even given key questions by DNC big shot Donna Brazile in advance of her presidential debates with Bernie.

■ Hillary really does support horrible international trade deals. She is lying now to win middle class votes, just as Donald Trump warned.

Gee, I wonder why Hillary needed all these women to come forward at this moment in time, to slander and smear Trump? Could this be a Watergate-level cover-up?

It’s a shame no one in the mainstream media bothered to give you the facts. You’re welcome.

Wayne Allyn Root is a best-selling author and host of “WAR Now: The Wayne Allyn Root Show” from 3 to 6 p.m. daily at 790 Talk Now. His R-J columns run Wednesdays and Sundays.

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