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Our politicians are the greatest, all right

To the editor:

Thank you, Jerry Nadal, for your Wednesday letter to the editor about our great local congresswomen, Shelley Berkley and Dina Titus. However, you’ve forgotten our other great politician, Sen. Harry Reid. These three never put politics over what is good for America.

The above three helped pass the $800 billion stimulus bill. Our unemployment rate is now under 8 percent, businesses are booming and our housing market is the greatest. Right? These guys are just the greatest.

Then our great congresswomen, Rep. Berkley and Rep. Titus, voted for the Affordable Health Care for America Act. Of course it only costs $1.2 trillion. There’s a savings.

The act addresses all that is wrong. First, it has tort reform. Doesn’t it? OK, then, surely it addresses portability of insurance plans. Doesn’t it?

Then it must allow for tax-free medical savings accounts. No? It must have plans to attract more doctors to underserved areas? It doesn’t? It is under a $1 trillion. Surely that must mean something.

You see, there are many of us out here who are disenfranchised by our politicians. This does not smack of health care reform, but a money and power grab.

Yes, Mr. Nadal was right. We only have to look in our own backyard for leadership.

Forrest A. Henry


Big thanks

To the editor:

As I approached the back gate at Creech Air Force Base on Veterans Day, I saw a pickup across from the gate with some folks in the back holding an American flag and a large sign facing those coming out. Curious what they were protesting this time — i.e. “Stop the Killing,” “No More War,” etc. — I was shocked to see it said, “Thank you.”

I’ve been driving through military gates since 1975 — 22 of those years wearing an Air Force uniform and since ’98 working for the government. I can’t remember ever seeing a thank you, just protests — and lots of them.

I mentioned to the security officer as he looked at my ID card, “That’s something you just don’t see every day, the ‘Thank you’ sign.” His face lit up with a big grin and he said, “Yeah, I know. I’m pumped!”

To those folks in the back of the truck, I can’t speak for everyone, but you made the day of two vets day with that sign and your presence.

Royal Marty


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