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Ripple effect of pension padding

The city of Vernon, Calif., has a big problem, brought on by the California Public Employees’ Retirement System. And depending on how a lawsuit against that city goes, the tiny ripple on the map that represents Vernon could become a nationwide public pension tidal wave.

He said what? Fundraising strains Sandoval’s messages

Fundraising is one of the most distasteful things about politics. Sometimes, you have to say things so out of character, they can surprise even the people who know you.

Editorial: State needs to pick up pace in mental health care

It’s going to take a long time for Nevada to rebuild a remotely passable mental health care system. Including federal funding, the state spends about $85 million less on mental health care than it did before the recession.

Democrats mum on scandals

It is stunning to watch politicians who by day make a living talking about the rights and dignity of women, then by night condone creepy sexual predators of their own party.

Buying the farm

Agriculture policy doesn’t get much notice when it comes to the economy, but consumers and taxpayers certainly feel the pinch of all the bad decisions coming out of Washington.

Summerlin mall good sign for all

The Las Vegas Valley has taken more than its fair share of hits since the economic downturn started hammering the region in 2008. The housing market plummeted, unemployment jumped as high as 14.6 percent in mid-2010, and commercial construction came to a screeching halt.

Tarmac delays

Rules regarding airline tarmac delays were significantly strengthened in 2010, with the Department of Transportation establishing a hard time limit after which U.S. airlines must allow passengers to deplane flights. Still, the hard deadline is three hours, which didn’t help passengers on a July 17 Allegiant Airlines flight heading to Oakland, Calif., from Phoenix Mesa Gateway Airport. More than 150 passengers had to sweat it out for 2½ hours after a maintenance issue left the aircraft with inadequate air conditioning. Passengers had to remain in their seats, even though the plane was still at the departure gate baking in triple-digit temperatures.