‘Real’ people might grade differently

To the editor:

I laughed out loud Sunday morning when I read Ed Vogel’s article about our governor rating an “F” while praising Barbara Buckley and Bill Raggio for raising our taxes a record amount during this economic recession.

Mr. Vogel noted this conclusion was a result of a poll of legislators, journalists and lobbyists. I think that if he would conduct a survey of real people who actually have jobs and pay taxes, he would find those grade results reversed.

R.A. Salter


Funny stuff

To the editor:

In the words of Dana Carvey’s Church Lady character, “Isn’t that special?” I refer to the pictures of four Nevada legislators laughing on page 3B of the Sunday Review-Journal. They are laughing after giving Nevadans the largest tax hike in history.

It’s good that because of term limits some of these people are going away. I just hope that if Assembly Speaker Barbara Buckley runs for governor the voters have a long memory.

Russ Childers


Nation of … ?

To the editor:

Peter Ashman, chairman of the Nevada Chapter of American Immigration Lawyers, is quoted in the Sunday Review-Journal Viewpoints section on the need for us to change our immigration policy to one that “protects our integrity as a nation of immigrants.” For the past 10 years, I have heard or read the “nation of immigrants” phrase used by just about every member of Congress and the administration with nary a correction from our press.

An immigrant is someone who moves either permanently or temporarily into a country in which they were not born. Because the number of people living in the United States who were born in this country still exceeds the number of immigrants, why is it we keep getting fed the “nation of immigrants” trash?

I understand the immigrant special interest groups — and pandering political class — defense of the phrase claiming we all are descended either recently or long ago from someone who came from another country. But that does not make us a nation of immigrants.

I find this phrase is not only incorrect, it denigrates my being a citizen of the United States and dishonors the lives lost founding and defending this great country.

So this July Fourth, while I celebrate the 233rd anniversary of our nation’s Declaration of Independence, I guess our political elites who spout this piffle will be celebrating our country’s perpetual first anniversary as just another part of the world, or something.

James R. Brown


True patriot

To the editor:

In his frequent letters to the Review-Journal, Richard J. Mundy always seems to label as a “hater” anyone who does not agree with his position — and he does so in the most hateful way possible. Friday’s letter was a good example.

Anyone who does not agree with his pro-abortion position is a Muslim extremist — a member of an American Taliban — even though every pro-life group in the country condemned the killing of Kansas physician George Tiller as a heinous murder committed by a single, unbalanced man who in no way represents what the pro-life movement is about.

Mr. Mundy goes on to speculate that those who disagree with President Obama on the direction of our country would probably think it patriotic to assassinate him. This seems to be characteristic of his way of “agreeing to disagree.”

Isn’t it also fascinating that Mr. Mundy is moved to accuse those who disagree with him as American Taliban, but he cannot bring himself to even mention an actual Muslim extremist who killed one U.S. soldier and wounded another the very next day in Arkansas?

What a patriot Mr. Mundy is.

John B. Alvord


Death penalty

To the editor:

There are 88 people on Nevada’s death row. Not one of them has an execution date. It seems the only people in the justice system who care about this lack of executions are the cops. The people of Nevada have voted for the death penalty over and over but nothing is going on to move these executions forward.

The killer of Reno police officer James Hoff has been on death row for 30 years. The killer of Las Vegas dentist George Monahan has been there for 28 years. Of the last 12 executed in Nevada, 11 have volunteered.

Nevada taxpayers pay millions to keep the death penalty, but our justice officials are doing nothing to see the sentences are carried out. Why?



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