We shouldn’t have to accept politicians who lie to us

To the editor:

I read with sadness John Brummett’s Jan. 10 column (“Candidates lie all the time — get over it”). My sadness was for his resignation of how things, in his world, “are.”

His thesis is, apparently, that anyone who complains that politicians don’t follow through on their campaign promises is being ignorant — sort of an “everyone does it so just accept it” philosophy on life. Well, I don’t want Mr. Brummett’s perception of political life anymore; nor does the majority of the voting public.

If a candidate cannot tell the truth, and cannot follow through on fundamental campaign pledges, then I want to call that politician out and toss him out of office.

It saddens me that those on the political left seem to insist that their situational ethics should apply to the campaign positions they espouse and run on to get elected. Mr. Brummett’s thesis is a disease that is crippling America.

Edward M. Duke



To the editor:

Sen. Harry Reid has proved beyond the most hardened skeptic that the liberal media, his fellow legislators and the president are two-faced hypocrites. Sen. Reid makes what can only be interpreted as a racially bigoted comment and no one makes a big deal out of it. He should resign and stop embarrassing Nevada.

Don’t agree? How about substituting John McCain, John Ensign, Orrin Hatch, etc., in the place of Sen. Reid? Now how do you feel? How do the media react then? If you’re honest with yourself, you know the answer.



True comments

To the editor:

Everybody has gotten too sensitive over Sen. Harry Reid’s remarks about Barack Obama. What he said was a fact, so what is the problem?

Even the black commentators have not complained about it. I am a Republican, and even I agree with poor Sen. Reid this time.

Greg Brackett


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