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Dispelling 5 common myths about depression

There are more than 19 million adults in the United States living with depression and many more people could be suffering but are unaware that what they are feeling is depression, according to the National Institute of Mental Health. This common and treatable illness affects people from all walks of life and can significantly interfere with a person’s behavior, physical health and interaction with others. The more you know about depression, the more likely you are to be able to help yourself or help others.

Small bites make holiday entertaining easier

Mouth-watering desserts in small bites are all the rage this holiday season. Guests love the idea of having lots of choices at holiday gatherings, so more options in smaller portions will be popular this year.

Hot cooking trends for cool weather foods

With the return of cool autumn weather, our thoughts turn to warm, comforting foods. But cold-weather cooking needn’t be dull. This year, take your menu cues from restaurant and cooking trends to create fun fall foods your entire family will enjoy.

How to use the holiday spirit to talk to loved ones about hearing loss

Families may struggle with how to help their loved ones cope with hearing loss. Talking about the problem is the first step toward treating hearing loss, but families may be unsure how to begin the conversation. The holidays, however, present the perfect opportunity to discuss a family member’s hearing loss in a supportive, positive atmosphere.

Do you buckle up your kids? New research shows one in four parents don’t

Most parents know that kids are safest in a car when buckled up. But there are situations when families decide to take a risk by not buckling up their children on every ride. A new survey reveals one in four parents admits to not buckling up their child in the car.

Survey: Teens not as cyber savvy as parents might think

While some parents may not know a gigabyte from Google, they still need to help their kids stay safe and protect personal information online. A new survey finds that some of today’s young people don’t understand the dangers of their tech-heavy lifestyles.

NASCAR driver drives to stop diabetes

Ryan Reed, 20, of Bakersfield, Calif., is chasing his dream to become a top NASCAR driver. He’s racing in the NASCAR Nationwide Series events this year as a development driver for one of the top names in the sport, all while taking care of his type 1 diabetes.

EDITORIAL: Global warming alarmists push false premises

If you think coming upticks in fuel taxes and water rates are alarming, then you won’t want the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change to have its way with your power bill.

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