Tips for hosting last-minute big game gatherings

For sports fans, the months of February and March are busy – filled with catching football and basketball championship games happening in the professional and collegiate leagues. Then before we know it, spring sports season is upon us.

There’s a good chance you’ll be hosting a couple of game-watching events at your house over the next several weeks. Here are some tips to help you get ready for entertaining hungry crowds – big or small.

* Stock up on easy-to-serve and delicious foods. This is especially important if a last-minute party unexpectedly pops up. In this scenario, you might not have time to whip up a plate of desserts or don’t have any dip to serve with the chips. Instead, be sure to have a package or two of Farm Rich Stuffed Pretzel Bites or other snacks stored in the freezer. When guests descend upon your house, it’s an easy task to heat the Pretzel Bites in the oven, toaster oven or microwave and serve hungry folks in your house. And these soft pretzels filled with delicious cheddar cheese are sure to be a hit for all the sports fans at your house.

* Store a wide selection of drinks. Soda pop tends to be a top choice for party attendees, but you can also encourage other drink choices with a selection of juices, milk and even sports drinks to help establish the perfect atmosphere for the game. Be sure to have plenty of ice as well as space in the refrigerator to chill drinks before everyone grabs them as refreshment.

* Keep team apparel handy. No matter if it’s hats, jerseys or pennants, the fans in your house will need to have the sports apparel out for the game to do a proper job of cheering the team on. So make certain you time your laundry loads perfectly to have all apparel items fresh and clean prior to kick off, tip off or face off. Also plan on storing these items in a closet or drawer close to the TV for the entire season, just to make certain nothing gets lost in the excitement of the games.

* Make it a family event. Create additional fun with mini family competitions. If the guests are knowledgeable about the teams, set up a trivia game including stats for the teams, players and even the history of the sport. Or make it a tradition for everyone to do something unusual every time the home team scores – like 20 pushups or running around the house cheering on the team vocally for example.

Seems like championship games are happening right and left, so be ready for the fun of friends and family descending upon your house to catch a game. And with these tips, you’ll be as ready as possible, even if the party is a last-minute decision.

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