In case you missed it: Unluckiest bowler ever

Troy Walker was literally a second off of bowling a perfect 300, if it weren’t for a pesky technical error.

Walker was competing in the 2013 Luci Boneau Doubles Bowling Tournament in Houston at Palace Lanes. He rolled 11 consecutive strikes and on his 12th ball, the rake of the arm from the pinsetter blocked his ball from hitting the pins, according to the YouTube description of the video posted by

Just as the pinsetter arm comes down, the “oh”s from the crowd break out.

“Holy cow! Did you see that?” said one of the announcers, who also called it the “most bizarre thing I’ve ever seen in the game of bowling.”

The crowd had to wait for Walker to redeliver the ball in his second chance to bowl a perfect 300 game that night.

When the moment — the second moment, that is — came, Walker scored a 297, as three pins remained.

Walker’s shy-of-a-perfect-game-moment has made its way to the computer screens of many Internet users since it was first posted on Saturday.

“If you’re a bowler, you’ve got to see this video. The most unlucky incident EVER costs a guy a perfect 300,” read one tweet.

But at least one person didn’t think the moment was so “bizarre.”

“As someone who runs a bowling center I can tell you that when you have to retrack or set pins (as they say later in the video, just was supposed to be the lane next to him, and the machines are right next to each other), the mechanic is back there behind the lane at that point. Absolutely nothing fishy about this at all, pretty standard actually,” said Ryan Rebman in a comment on the YouTube video.

Whether or not the incident was a matter of luck, one can’t deny the fact that a slight error did cost Walker a perfect 300 game. But Walker takes the blame for the mistake.

“Probably my fault on that one,” he told one of the announcers after the game.

He explained that he mistakenly had the mechanic reset the wrong lane.

Walker also said he “absolutely” thought the first roll had a better shot of striking all pins than the second roll.

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