LEFTOVERS: Tebow not awful as TV analyst

The final Bowl Championship Series title game drew massive ratings and will be remembered as one of the best games of the mythical championship game era.

It also might mark the beginning of a great broadcasting career.

Tim Tebow might not play football well, but he’s not horrible at talking about it.

The former Florida star and NFL flameout drew mostly positive reviews from around the normally snarky world of the Internet, as detailed by SportsBusinessDaily.com.

“USA Today’s Nate Davis wrote, ‘Solid debut for Tebow. Maybe he’s found a starting role after all.’ Columbus-based WBNS-CBS sports anchor David Wilkinson: ‘Say what you want about the guy, but I think Tim Tebow is going to be just fine as an analyst. Thought his insight was solid on title game.’ Bleacher Report’s Chris Trapasso: ‘Tim Tebow’s not doing a bad job analyzing the national title game right now. Good for him.’ ”

But things can’t be all good when Tebow is involved. Where ESPN and the maligned wanna-be quarterback went wrong was with a feature the network ran detailing Tebow’s attempts to remake his mechanics in an effort to get back to the NFL.

In the puff piece, Tebow and NFL analyst and Super Bowl winner Trent Dilfer attempted to paint a picture of a brand new Tebow who is ready to take the NFL by storm.

Gene Frenette of the Florida Times-Union put it best.

“(There is) no way to sugarcoat what ESPN … is doing. (The story) was a shameful attempt at self-promotion,” Frenette wrote. “(The situation) smacks of an all-too-cozy story that violates the tenets of journalism. (The blame) isn’t on Tebow, who is simply trying to find NFL work, (but) on ESPN and Dilfer for promoting one of their employees.”

That’s what was so shocking. ESPN never has been known as a self-serving promotional machine in the past, and neither has Tebow.

■ NOW YOU’RE SPEAKING MY LANGUAGE — A lot of Twitter conversation was stirred over the on-field postgame interview with victorious quarterback Jameis Winston on Monday night.

The post receiving the most attention was from Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron’s mother.

“Am I listening to English?” Dee Dee McCarron posted while Winston spoke, before quickly deleting it.

She apologized and followed with several tweets about how she’s not a racist. McCarron’s girlfriend, Katherine Webb, also backtracked after she “favorited” Dee Dee McCarron’s original tweet. Both seemed shocked anyone would be offended.

Considering they’re from Alabama, it’s surprising the two women can read and write enough to use Twitter.

■ MEMORIES — Chicago waived center Andrew Bynum on Tuesday, bringing an abrupt end to a storied chapter in Bulls history.

Do you even remember what America was like when Chicago acquired Bynum via trade on Monday?

The nation’s No. 1 movie was “Frozen,” and frigid temperatures besieged the East and Midwest. Florida State had just won the national title in football, if you can believe that.

Even more shockingly, the world wasn’t yet aware that AJ McCarron’s mom and girlfriend were kinda racist.

Those were the days.


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