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Radio daze shakes up press box

Like a crazed parent who expresses his distaste for unnecessary roughness during his child’s youth football game by beating an opposing parent senseless, Florida Atlantic radio play-by-play announcer Dave Lamont had an on-air meltdown Saturday during the Owls’ 37-16 loss at Arkansas State.

Incensed about a noncall by the officials, Lamont lost control and eventually challenged the entire press box to a fight.

Fortunately for Lamont — who is still expected to broadcast Saturday’s game against Florida International — no punches were thrown before he regained his senses.

Two plays after the Red Wolves scored their fourth fourth-quarter touchdown, Lamont was outraged when no penalty was called after Florida Atlantic quarterback Jeff Van Camp was hit in the head while sliding and had his helmet knocked off.

“You cannot tell me that’s not a flag,” Lamont said. “That is not possible. Where’s the (Sun Belt) commissioner? Where’s Wright Waters? Where’s Wright Waters?”

With Waters elsewhere in the stadium, Lamont directed his displeasure at the officials.

“That’s embarrassing. That is absolutely embarrassing,” he said before standing, pounding his fist and screaming out the window, according to the Palm Beach Post. “He’s defenseless. He’s defenseless. Don’t you understand? Throw a flag.”

Moments later, Lamont addressed the looks he was getting in the press box.

“You know what, I don’t really care if you people look at me in the press box,” he said. “You know what, I don’t care. That’s a flag. And I’ll fight any one of you if you want it. That’s the mood I’m in at the moment. Apparently, the team is not the only one melting down here.”

Lamont later apologized for his actions.

■ GONE TOO SOON — His tentacles touched the hearts and wallets of sports bettors across the globe when he correctly predicted eight consecutive winners in soccer’s World Cup. But, sadly, Paul the Psychic Octopus failed to prevent his own demise.

He died Monday in his tank in Oberhausen, Germany, at 2½ years old. While no foul play was suspected, “Saturday Night Live” cast member Andy Samberg — who portrayed Paul on the ESPY Awards — said the mollusk’s newfound fame led to his demise.

“I’m greatly saddened by this news but must quote Paul himself when he said, ‘Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems,’ ” Samberg told People magazine. “In this case, the ‘problem’ is death.

“To be fair, he predicted it would happen. R.I.P.”

Fellow SNL cast member Seth Myers, who hosted the ESPYs, was apparently too shook up to talk about Paul’s death. But he tweeted, “RIP Paul the Octopus. I’ll never forget the time we spent together at the ESPYs.”

■ LET’S GET SOME RUNS — A group of female Phillies fans reportedly tried to get a waiter to slip laxatives into the food of several San Francisco players Friday, the eve of the Giants’ National League Championship Series-clinching 3-2 victory over Philadelphia in Game 6.

A headline accompanying the story on fark.com read, in part, “Should have given them to the Phillies instead; they could have used the runs.”


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