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In The Outdoors

In The Outdoors

Freelance writer Doug Nielsen is a conservation educator for the Nevada Department of Wildlife. His “In the Outdoors” column, published Thursday in the Las Vegas Review-Journal, is not affiliated with or endorsed by the NDOW. Any opinions he states in his column are his own.

Be ready for surprising answers when shopping for gun safes

Your first step toward purchasing a gun safe should take you to a retailer where safes are a specialty and not a sideline. You want a place where the sales staff speaks the language of safes and will take the time to interpret it for you.

Safety, storage are biggest issues for new gun owners

Firearms have long been part of America’s gift giving tradition, and no doubt many of you either received or made a gift of a firearm as part of your holiday celebrations. The question now is, “what are you going to do with it?”

Limited park services means it’s best to be prepared in outdoors

While members of Congress and President Donald Trump continue to battle over the federal budget, visitors to the country’s national parks and recreation areas can expect to find limited services and maybe some closures.

Map apps could make perfect holiday gift for outdoorsmen

If you are looking for that last-minute holiday gift for the outdoor enthusiasts in your life but don’t want to mess with shipping, you might want to consider something that can be downloaded from the internet or app store.

Treat yourself to a trip to Lake Mead or Lake Mohave

Whether you are interested in catching a double-digit striped bass or spending a relaxing day exploring one of Southern Nevada’s reservoirs, don’t let the holiday season pass without taking a trip to Lake Mead or Lake Mohave.

Gift ideas for the outdoor enthusiast

For some of us, buying Christmas gifts can be a rather arduous task. Not because we don’t care about our loved ones and friends, but because holiday shopping is a lot like driving on the expressway during rush hour.

Luck of the hunt plays role at ‘Big Ram Ridge’

Knowledge and experience can often mean the difference between filling your tag and going home empty, but it never hurts to have a little ram luck on your side.

Good glass is key to finding bighorn sheep in rough terrain

It was late Monday evening as I sat down to write this column, and my nerves were anything but calm. One might describe them as being on edge, but somehow that comes up a little short.

Choose your hunting partners wisely

When all was said and done, we shared a good scouting trip, saw some new country, found a few rams and still delivered my friend on time for his family dinner. That’s what friends are for.

Migrating ducks wing their way through Nevada

Waterfowl hunters hoping for a little help from Mother Nature may have gotten their wish Monday when a blast of frigid weather pushed its way into the Canadian prairies and gave straggling birds a migratory nudge.

Campfire conversation can help mule deer hunters

Knowledge is earned through such old-fashioned methods as studying the writings of those who have spent time pursuing the game in which you are interested and talking with people who have spent time in the field.

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