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Mike Brunker

Mike Brunker

Mike Brunker is an assistant city editor at the Review-Journal and he writes a weekly horse racing column. The column is posted on Thursday's and appears in Friday's print edition. He previously covered horse racing for the San Francisco Examiner, the Thoroughbred Times and NBCSports.com. Follow @mike_brunker on Twitter

Horseplayer pursues record $6.8M payday in Las Vegas

As winner of the 2019 NHC Tour, David Gutfreund, 57, stands to collect a record $6 million in bonuses in addition to the first-place prize of $800,000 if he can outlast roughly 670 other handicappers in the three-day contest.

Best of horse racing? It’s the horses, of course

A reader shares the “best” about horse racing, and a couple of others offer suggestions about what they’d like to read more about in the Review-Journal’s racing column in the year ahead.

Readers sound off on horse racing’s biggest problems

I asked for your thoughts on horse racing’s worst problems as we turn the calendar to 2019 and boy did you respond. I heard from ardent horseplayers, workers in the industry and even a few people who don’t give a damn about the sport.

Minting new racing fans requires more than catchy songs

The Stronach Group hires a new head of its entertainment division to “engage the next generation of horse racing fans,” but sports betting fans present a much bigger opportunity for the sport to begin rebuilding its fan base.

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