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10 best stores Halloween costumes on the cheap

Like most everything else in 2020, Halloween is going to be a lot different. The one thing that won’t change is dressing up in costume — a time-honored tradition that’s still safe even amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Create a spa-like bathroom

One of the biggest trends in master bathroom remodels is to eliminate the tub and then enlarge the entire shower area.

Peeling paint occurs when wood contacts concrete

Concrete loves to drink up water and, as it does, it slowly releases moisture. So, any wood that is in contact with the concrete gets a little damp. The dampness wicks up the wood and breaks the bond that holds the paint to the wood, causing it to peel.

5 ways holiday hiring season is different this year

Like many things this year, hiring season looks very different. Sure, masks and plexiglass barricades are as common in stores as shopping carts and clearance racks. But beyond that…

Las Vegas clinical trial offered to breast cancer patients

Comprehensive Cancer Centers of Nevada is offering patients in the early stages of triple-negative breast cancer the chance to take part in a clinical trial that is testing the effectiveness of immunotherapy with the standard cycles of chemotherapy.

15 jobs drastically different as the economy reopens

Even as the economy reopens in many places across the U.S., health and safety regulations have changed the landscape of the American workplace. Many jobs — such as event planning and catering — have been almost entirely wiped off the map. And for others, the way they function may never be the same.

Soil consistency in landscape makes irrigation easier

Whether you add compost to the existing soil at planting or bring in a totally different soil mix, make sure the soil is as consistent as possible throughout the landscape. Making the soil the same when planting makes knowing when to irrigate much easier to figure out and schedule.

Las Vegas woman first patient to receive Theralink test

Imagine a magical, yet simple test in the cancer realm that maps out the exact treatment needed for care. That dream is becoming a reality, and the first patient in the world to receive such a test lives in Las Vegas.

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