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May-Brown on why Nevada needs the subminimum wage

Eliminating the subminimum wage will end training and work opportunities for some members of the disabled community. Instead of doing something productive, they would be stuck in adult day care. That’s according to Tracy May-Brown, Opportunity Village’s director of advocacy, board and government relations.

Speech is not violence

Criticizing someone’s political views shouldn’t be conflated with threatening their life. When it comes to Rep. Ilhan Omar, that somehow has become a debatable contention.

EDITORIAL: Proposal could create PERS death spiral

Despite all the problems with its Public Employees’ Retirement System, Nevada has consistently done one thing right. It’s reevaluated and adjusted contribution rates every two years as needed. That could be changing.

The problems with taking water from Eastern Nevada — VIDEO

The Southern Nevada Water Authority wants to take billions of gallons of water that doesn’t exist from Eastern Nevada via a pipeline that would cost ratepayers $15 billion. Doing so would devastate the wildlife and people who live there. That’s according to Kyle Roerink, executive director of the Great Basin Water Network, which opposes the pipeline.

EDITORIAL: Rising pensions costs are crippling school districts

Nevada isn’t the only state where rising pension costs are pinching school district budgets. California’s school districts are struggling to deal with per-pupil pension costs that have doubled in just four years.

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