8 things Las Vegans are sick of hearing

Earlier this month, we threw out a few questions tourists and out-of-state friends and family members can’t seem to keep themselves from asking when they talk to a Las Vegan.

Hundreds of comments on the story and our Facebook post later, we realized we hadn’t even scratched the surface of Most Annoying Question candidates. So, here’s another batch of questions sure to get an eye roll (at the least) when asked of one of us.

“Do you live here?”

At least a half-dozen commenters brought this one up. “No, I commute every day from Pittsburgh,” commenter Jim Vee said.

An equally annoying variation? “Do you fly in from California every day?”

“Have you seen ‘The Hangover’?”

Yes, we’ve seen it, yes, we remember the tiger scene, and no, we haven’t seen parts two and three. Because they were awful.

How do we know that if we haven’t seen them? Just trust us on this.

“Do you play the slot machines all day?”

Yes, because none of us have student loan payments to make or children’s college education to save for. Or mortgage payments or medical bills or any number of other money sucks that don’t involve gambling.

“Where is the best place to gamble?”

“As if you’re going to say, ‘Go down to this place, ask for Bill the Blackjack dealer and tell him I sent you so he’ll let you win,’” Harold Mansfield said on Facebook.

“Can I stay at your place?”


“Which hotel do you live in?”

It’s one of the most worst variations of “do you live here” possible, whether the asker is purposefully trolling or simply ignorant.

“When I worked at Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel & Casino I had a lady ask me, ‘Do you live here, in the hotel?’ Rosemary Zahnow said on Facebook. “My answer: ‘No, I live in a house, like everyone else.’ Really, some people!!!”

“Where is all the sand?”

Those of us who grew up on the West Coast — or anywhere in the Southwest — have a hard time understanding how people could go their entire lives without seeing a palm tree or desert sunset. But then we get questions like this.

“They assume the desert has to be like they see on Star Wars,” commenter Besh Cooper said. “It is funny.”

“Why do you have rocks in your yard?”

Well. It’s the desert. “I thought it would be self explanatory …” commenter Jade said.

Which questions make you roll your eyes? Let us know in the comments, or find us on Twitter: @reviewjournal.

(h/t commenters Jordan T, Freddie Hernandez and Maureen Robinson, along with the above quoted)

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