Humor alert: Harry Reid press release to follow

If the funniest stuff is the unintended stuff, then this press release from Camp Harry Reid is nothing short of Carrot Top hilarious. Some campaign minion penned the third paragraph in which he actually has Harry Reid straight-facedly justifying his health care "reform" bill by saying:

"Just yesterday the Las Vegas Sun editorialized that doing nothing is not an option – I couldn’t possibly agree more."

Imagine that. Harry Reid couldn’t possibly agree more with a Sun editorial? And Grant is buried in Grant’s tomb, bears poop in the woods, water is wet, Barrack Obama is left handed, etc, etc, etc.

Anybody who has lived in Nevada long enough to register a car knows there hasn’t been a crack of daylight between the Las Vegas Sun and Harry Reid in 30 years. For Reid to say he "couldn’t possibly agree more" with a Sun editorial is just too funny. Look, Harry Reid agrees with the Sun more often than he agrees with himself. And the Sun newsroom fetches more reliably than the Reid family dog.

But, hey, if you just got off the bus, read this press release, and remain gullible enough to believe that a Nevada newspaper independently editorialized on health care and Harry Reid spontaneously cited it to validate the righteousness of his point, then you go ahead and write that $5 check begged for in the press release. You weren’t meant to have your own money anyway.

For Nevadans, we just read that and think "Ouch, did the Reid machine actually just say that?"

Read it for yourself. You deserve a good chuckle today.

Dear Sherman,
Opponents and special interest groups opposed to health insurance reform are back on the airwaves.
Their goal? Attack me, the health insurance reform bill as a whole, the public insurance option, and anything else they can think of to stop us from finally fixing our broken system. I’ve been standing up for the Silver State for a long time, and one thing I’ve learned is that if shadowy interest groups are running TV ads against you – you’re probably doing something right by Nevadans.
Just yesterday the Las Vegas Sun editorialized that doing nothing is not an option – I couldn’t possibly agree more. We are so close to passing the most sweeping reform of our health care system in a generation, but I can’t do this without your help.
As more and more groups run ads against us to kill our efforts, it’s all the more important that we keep telling our positive story to Nevadans. And that means I need our online grassroots supporters to help.
Please, click here to make a secure online donation today.
The attacks in this race will undoubtedly continue – the insurance companies are protecting massive profit margins at our expense. In order to fight back, we need the resources to push back against those with something to gain ($$$) from the status quo. The good news is, it doesn’t take much for each one of us to do our part.
Will you stand with me by making a contribution of $5 today?
Thanks so much for your help, and take care.


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