Lipstick-gate gains momentum

The post below gives you my first impression of Barack Obama’s statement that has the political world a-buzz this morning. There are only two choices: It was either an incredibly dumb thing to say, or Obama really meant it as a sexist remark. Remember his "sweetie" remark to a woman reporter? Remember the Hillary campaign claiming the Obama campaign engaged in sexism? Unlike the Hillary campaign which didn’t fight back, the McCain-Palin campaign wasted no time getting video up, and it isn’t subtle. It ends: "Ready to Lead? — No. Ready to Smear? — Yes".

Watch the video

The Complete Las Vegan thinks this story’s got legs. It may also have more truth to it than Democrats want to say out loud. And, frankly, I don’t know how Obama gets out of this one. An apology confirms the suspicion. Silence fosters the suspicion.

And, while you’re in the YouTube mood, here’s another video on Palin you might find worth viewing:

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