Nerd Alert: ‘Transformer’ ‘Tetris’ lords over Philadelphia

“Candy Crush” going badly for you? Then you should have been in Philly this weekend to play “Tetris” on the side of a building.

Can you imagine losing a game of “Tetris” while playing it on the side of the 29-story Cira Centre, via LED lights in the windows, and then complaining about it? Because that truly would be a first-world problem.

But the real question is: Can I play “Call of Duty” on the side of the Wynn yet? No? Well, why the hell not?

The crazy tech geniuses who put this Philly thing together did so for Philly Tech Week, which I like to think of as “Nerds Have Taken Over America And It Feels Pretty Good.”

This is the 30th anniversary of “Tetris,” which ruled the Earth with an iron fist somewhere around the first George H. W. Bush administration or some such Dark Age.

You can go download “Tetris” for free these days at the Google Play store or at

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