Nevada Energy Star partners launch into national high-rise program

Nevada Energy Star partners, a voluntary coalition of Southern Nevada home builders, developers, retailers, mortgage providers, energy consultants and local utilities promoting energy conservation, is one of three Energy Star partnerships nationwide to be part of pilot program for high-rise development.

According to Annette Bubak, chairperson of the 2008 Nevada Energy Star campaign, many representatives from high-rise projects throughout the valley attended a recent workshop and seminar to launch the effort.

“There is considerable interest from the local development community to engage high-rise developers and projects in the Energy Star program,” Bubak said. “Our goal is to create a blueprint of guidelines for high-rise development in our desert climate.”

According to Bubak, the Boca Raton condominium development on the south end of Las Vegas Boulevard volunteered to serve as the project guinea pig.

“Boca Raton developer, Palm Desert Resorts Condominiums LLC, has given us unprecedented and invaluable access to the property to conduct on-site testing and evaluation of its energy systems,” Bubak said. Initial tests showed that Boca Raton units performed at Energy Star standard.

“This is just the beginning of our effort to create an Energy Star blueprint for multi-family and high-rise development throughout Southern Nevada — a label sought by today’s energy-conscious consumers,” he said.

Energy Inspectors, the leading Energy Star and residential energy-efficiency certification company in the western United States, is overseeing all testing and evaluation at Boca Raton as part of the pilot program.

A report of recommendations will be generated following in about 60 days of testing at the site.

According to Bubak, Nevada Energy Star is working with the high-rise development community to enlist their support and participation of the program.

“Our goal is to ensure that every high-rise project in our valley is built to meet or exceed Energy Star standards,” Bubak said.

The organization also is partnering with the Southern Nevada Water Authority, United States Green Building Council, Southwest Gas, Nevada Power, Las Vegas High-Rise and Condominium Association, and experts in the multi-family high-rise industry. “We are currently working with SNWA and LVHCA as they develop a Water Smart program for high-rise development,” said Bubak.

With several of the valley’s leading conservation groups and industry experts to broaden its message, Nevada Energy Star partners recently launched its 2008 Energy Star campaign.

‘Energy Star – Your Green Foundation’ is a three-month awareness building campaign, funded by contributions from partners.

The campaign is designed to promote Energy Star brand awareness and energy conservation as an important first step for individuals and corporations committed to “going green.”

Energy Star, the national U.S. government symbol for energy efficiency, was created by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency originally for energy-conserving computers in 1992 and is now jointly implemented with the U.S. Department of Energy.

Since its origin, the program has been expanded to include more than 40 product categories that conserve energy and protect the environment.

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