News Flash: Cannibalism in Washington

The new book coming out by Sen. Arlen Specter accuses Sen. Harry Reid of betraying him.

Specter complains that Reid promised him that if he switched political parties from Republican to Democrat he’d be able to keep his seniority in the Senate as a Democrat. Reid’s promise, however, PO’d some powerful Democrats in the Senate. Reid felt the pressure. Reid reneged.

To which the chorus in this Greek tragedy sings: "What a shocker."

PS: Nevadans who know Sen. Reid’s track record on such matters, recognize the MO. There’s been more than one Nevadan who relied on Sen. Reid’s word only to find out Sen. Reid’s word is not always his bond. If a deal goes south on Sen. Reid, I think I can say without fear of credible contradiction, all bets are off because what comes first for Sen. Reid is not his word, but his own political skin.

PPS: That said, please don’t mistake me for someone who sympathizes with how Specter met his match in two-facedness with Sen. Reid. Still like to see the cage match, though.

PPPS: Specter’s new book title? "Life Among the Cannibals". Priceless.

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