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Obama doesn’t dream the American dream

A lot of things President Obama says land on the consciousness of America with a thud. For example, he recently said:

"If you’ve got a business — you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen."

What in the world is our president thinking?

I am sorry, but that’s just not true and an insult to those who have built something in this country. Now, I understand (sort of) what the president was getting at. He was clumsily trying to point out that the greatness of America itself — its free market system, its infrastructure and its steady government — provide the backdrop for success and business owners ought not to forget it.

OK. I don’t know where the president got the idea that business owners forgot the benefits of living in America. But it is dumb statements like that that has chambers of commerce across the country alarmed with the unfriendly business policies of the Obama Administration.

Obama’s first instinct is to tax small businesses. That’s never good. Obama’s economic policies — and his health care policies — have not done well in providing an environment for stability and success. Businesses making it in the Obama Recession are doing it by cutting expenses to the bone.

So, yes, Mr. President. It is a great country for private enterprise. You make it less so.

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