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Obamacare’s big abortion problem

I warned you last month that consequences were a-comin’ for Obamacare supporters, especially Catholics and Mormons who uphold the "life is absolutely sacred" principle in lawmaking. We are all about to pay for abortions in this country and that is going to produce a moral dilemma like many have never faced before.

Now comes U.S. Rep. Kathy Dahlkemper, D-Pennsylvania who says that had she known the federal government was going to force everyone to pay for abortions through Obamacare, she’d never have voted for it.

How nice. Only hitch in that lame story is that the consequences of Obamacare were well speculated about before the vote. Yet, Kathy and other elected officials such as Sen. Harry Reid (a Mormon from Nevada) looked the other way and put petty party politics over good, careful lawmaking … and religious conviction.

Now look what we have inherited — a health care law that not only puts people in a moral bind, but also hurts more than it helps when it comes to health care in America. Maybe Nancy Pelosi (another "good" Catholic) was right: We had to pass the law to see what was in the law. Well, now that we can see what the bill is, what are going to do about it? I’m talkin’ to you, Nancy, Harry and Kathy.

P.S.: I am no expert on the Mormon faith, but I believe that anyone who knowingly helps someone have an abortion is eligible for excommunication. Am I right on that point?

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