Obama’s PC Secret Service: You reap what you sow

When you seek the lesser qualified, you get the lesser qualified. That works against competent government and sometimes it can be very dangerous.

That’s the plain lesson from the Secret Service debacle that unfolded this week.

President Obama, after some embarrassing turn of events with the Secret Service agents while on assignment fooling around with prostitutes in 2011, picked Julia Pierson to head the agency. He didn’t pick her because she was the best qualified. He picked her because she was a woman and he thought that would be “good optics” for his legacy.

The Obama Administration already was under fire for talking big about equal pay, but then not paying women equally. So, in the bizzaro world of liberal Democratic leadership policy, putting Pierson into a job in which she was the lesser-qualified made sense.

Of course, as we know now, it made things far more dangerous for the president and for other presidents protected by the Secret Service.

That’s the lesson we should take away from this yet another episode of incompetency from the Obama Administration.

In the real world, form over substance just doesn’t cut it. Whether its fighting a war against Muslim radicals or fighting a virus called Ebola, putting political correctness above competency at the presidential level makes us all less safe.

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