Pelosi’s economic stimulus — Kill the poor!

If it were a novel, no one would read it. Too far fetched.

But this week House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Evil Step-mother, added millions of dollars to the Democratic economic stimulus plan for "family planning."

Now, exactly how family planning is economic stimulus is a worthy question. And it was answered this morning by Bob Beckel, a Democratic analyst, for Fox News. He defended Pelosi’s plan as righteous because "family planning" reduces the number of poor children by "contraceptives and abortion", thereby reducing future government obligations to the poor.

Nice. So it has come to that, has it? Stimulate the economy by killing the babies of the poor. But, hey, why should Nancy Pelosi stop there. If we’re going to kill them anyway, Democrats will no doubt soon get to the logical extension of bringing these "lumps of flesh" to term, harvesting their organs and then grinding the remains into pet food.

The new era of American politics is rapidly shaping up. It puts climate change, fuel dependence and the Army Field Manual to the fore. As for the Sanctity of Life … well, y’all head to the back of the bus.

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