Reid launches two new ads claiming credit for helping CityCenter

Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nev., has launched two new ads that claim credit for keeping the massive CityCenter development on the Strip on track when the economy nearly ground to a halt.

One of the new ads quotes MGM Mirage CEO Jim Murren saying Reid stepped in to encourage banks to keep the financing for the project together.

Another ad mentions the job-saving effort, but is more focused on Reid’s childhood in Searchlight with his family that lived in poverty.

Not to be outdone, the Republican National Committee is launching radio ads in Nevada blasting Reid. The RNC ads are timed to coincide with a visit to Reno by Vice President Joe Biden on Friday.

"The people of Nevada deserve an explanation from Senator Reid – not Vice President Biden’s rose colored projections, on when this so-called stimulus experiment will actually start putting Nevadans back to work,” RNC Chairman Michael Steele said in a statement when the RNC launched the ads.

Here’s the full text of the Reid ads:

“Nevada Jobs” Script

Jim Murren, CEO of MGM Mirage: My darkest days in my professional career were this year and it was all about City Center.

Announcer: The Nation’s biggest construction project. 10,000 construction workers. 12,000 permanent jobs. And when it looked like City Center was going to shut down, Harry Reid stepped up.

Murren: That man called every CEO of every bank that I know and said, look, this is important to my state. Get it done. Now we’re going to open up City Center in December. We’re going to employ over 12,000 people. They would not have jobs today if it not for Senator Reid.

Announcer: As Senate Leader, Harry Reid’s working to get our economy back on track. Passing clean energy tax credits that will create 41,000 Nevada jobs. Over $100 million to keep Nevada police on the beat and teachers in the classroom. And saving City Center.

Murren: There’s no one else that could have done that.

Senator Reid: Some said I shouldn’t have pushed so hard. But with 20,000 jobs at stake, I’d do it all over again.

Announcer: Harry Reid. Determination that makes a difference.

Senator Reid: I’m Harry Reid and I approve this message.

“Hard Work” Script

Senator Reid: I can look back and doesn’t seem that long ago that I lived in a home that didn’t have hot water.

Announcer: Harry Reid saw some difficult days. The son of a hard rock miner, Harry Reid hitchhiked 40 miles to high school, worked his way through college as a janitor, and law school as a cop. But as tough as it got, he never backed down. When the mob tried to take over Vegas, Harry Reid took them on and didn’t blink, even when they put a bomb in the family station wagon. It’s the same determination he’s using today as Senate Leader to get Nevada’s economy back on track.

Reid: I know that people in Nevada are struggling. I think of this every day.

Announcer: That’s why he passed clean energy tax credits that will create 41,000 jobs, stopped the banks from shutting down City Center, saving 20,000 more and delivered millions to keep Nevada cops and teachers working.

Reid: You know it’s never easy, but we’ve got the people and the resources to come back stronger than ever.

Announcer: Harry Reid. Determination that makes a difference.

Reid: I’m Harry Reid and I approve this message.

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