The intensity and joy of the Romney crowd

Well, here we are ladies and gentlemen. The day that makes America great. Election day.

It’s all been said and done. Mitt Romney and Barack Obama have made their pitches and now it is the people who decide. Priceless.

As we wait for the wheels of democracy to turn, I would draw your attention to the writing of Peggy Noonan. Regular readers know she’s one of my favorites. Here’s her opening paragraph this morning:

"We begin with the three words everyone writing about the election must say: Nobody knows anything. Everyone’s guessing. I spent Sunday morning in Washington with journalists and political hands, one of whom said she feels it’s Obama, the rest of whom said they don’t know. I think it’s Romney. I think he’s stealing in “like a thief with good tools,” in Walker Percy’s old words. While everyone is looking at the polls and the storm, Romney’s slipping into the presidency. He’s quietly rising, and he’s been rising for a while."

You can read her entire column here. I think she’s on to something. But, as I told you yesterday and am glad to underline it with Peggy’s writing today, "Nobody knows anything." Yet.

PS: My advice to all if this turns out to be very, very close: Don’t let any news outlet call a state or a race, unless it is AP. In my experience, the Associated Press is the most accurate.

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