‘Time to end the Second Amendment’

One of the liberal Democrat trolls that live in the comment section under this blog, put it as plainly as it can be put after the Sandy Hook tragedy.

He wrote: "It’s time to end the Second Amendment. I have been in the military, I’ve been a policeman, I have a concealed weapon permit and I’ve carried a firearm for 40-years. I am now willing to give up my guns and rescind the Second Amendment to our Constitution. The gun nuts in our country won’t even discuss something as simple as having background checks at gun shows; much less restrict the size and scope of firearms. It’s time to pick them all up. All of them. I’m willing to allow police to be the only people allowed to be armed and give them the power to stop and search anybody at any time; and to get warrants to search any home. I want the penalty of owning or carrying a weapon to be life in prison. And I don’t want any further discussion on that. The time has come."

You know what, I agree. And by that I mean it is time for Democrats to put up or shut up. Elimination of the Second Amendment is what Democrats want anyway. Or, at least they want to change its plain meaning so as to make it completely different than intended. A gun-free society is absolutely not what the Founding Fathers envisioned. The right to bear arms as envisioned then is not a collecting issue or an issue about hunting or even an issue about protecting one’s bedroom from a burglar. It’s about something far more fundamental than that. But times change, as Democrats like to say. But have principles changed? So, let’s have that debate in a real, meaningful way.

President Obama, Sen. Harry Reid, who now says he’s "evolving" on gun rights. (Evolving? What’s new? Harry spins like a cue ball on the cosmic political pool table of principle and integrity.) Nancy Pelosi, et al: Start the procedure to strike the Second Amendment and take to every state in the land. Work like busy bees to make your case.

But if you fail, then shut the hell up and stop trying to administratively erode, deny and water down a fundamental part of our founding as a country.

P.S. — You can find my troll’s comment along with a vigorous debate here. Be sure to click on "all comments." Enjoy. Stay peaceful, but vigilant.

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