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Credit Card Skimmers
Credit Card Skimmers

Metro Police Department detective Michael Gomez said Southern Nevada residents should be wary of gas station pumps. He said skimmers — devices installed in gas pumps to steal credit card data — are one of the most prevalent scams in the valley. Michael Gomez, Metro Police Department There was a 10 percent increase in the number of payment cards compromised at ATMs and merchants in the U.S. in 2017, according to a March 2018 report from Silicon Valley analytic software firm FICO. A skimmer at just one gas pump can collect data from up to 100 cards per day, according to the National Association for Convenience Stores. Gomez suggested sticking to pumps with security stickers attached. Michael Gomez, Metro Police Department

Bubble vs. Today
Bubble vs. Today

The scars of the recession have largely faded from Las Vegas’ real estate market, but around town, there are still reminders of the boom and bust. An empty parcel of land off the south Strip was supposed to have a 26-story condo tower during the mid-2000s bubble. A vacant lot near The Orleans was earmarked for an $850 million project with two 36-story towers. A parcel at Tropicana Avenue and Interstate 15 now has two small hotels, but it was supposed to have a 41-story resort. Across from the SLS, a Walgreens occupies property that years ago was earmarked for an 80-story condo tower called Ivana Las Vegas. In the southwest valley, developers set out to build the multi-tower Sullivan Square. But today, the project site is just a giant hole in the ground.